Change file extension from mp3 to M4R, but ringtones don't load?



Got a question. İ got like hudreds of music stored in pc. İ have changed the format from mp3 to M4R. After changing the songs, the logo's turned to something like 'RİNG'. İ open ringtones from the İtunes, selecting the music files that İ have changed. Nothing happens. Does'nt it suppose to load the files. Am İ missing something?

Unlocked, 1.0.2 here
Jul 23, 2007
iPhonebrowser let me put my mp3 ringtones directly onto my iPhone without issue, however this solution only works on 1.0.2. (There's a thread here somewhere about this.)

For 1.1.1 I had to convert and use RingRing which is still a little more work, but doable (and getting better).