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Discussion in 'AT&T' started by delbert, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. delbert

    delbert New Member

    Local AT&T dealer SR told me that I can't change my iPhone phone number with a new one. that once you buy the iPhone and AT&T assigned a number, they can't change that phone number for a new one.

    is this true?
  2. kenneth

    kenneth Zealot

    I would think you could get it changed with no problem. I thought they could just activate a new sim and a new number. Call AT&T customer service and ask them.
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  4. AdrianCubed

    AdrianCubed Zealot

    Yes, Upon activation AT&T assigns a random number to that phone and your account. This number cannot be changed.
  5. Marianne

    Marianne Moderator

    I've had my current cell phone number for quite some time, but I did have it changed with AT&T at one point when I moved to a different state. They were easily able to assign me another number with my account, which came with a new SIM.

    If you move, or are getting an unacceptable number of prank calls or wrong numbers, I'm pretty sure AT&T would have no problem giving you a new number. You'd probably just have to go to a store to get a new SIM for it, and it's not something you can change on your own. You should dial 611 from your iPhone to talk to AT&T customer service and check, though the level of knowledge of the rep you happen to get will probably be a significant factor in terms of the answer you get. I think it's best to try a couple of times.
  6. UFGator

    UFGator New Member

    No. This is absolutely untrue. My AT&T number was with my Blackberry. When I bought the 1g iPhone I used the same number. When I sold the 1g on ebay and bought the 3g I again used the same phone number.
  7. delbert

    delbert New Member

    But, what about to change the number to the same iPhone 3g? I have already the iPhone 3g with a number wich I'm using today. I want to change the number for a new one, can AT&T do that? thanks in advance for all your advice.
  8. UFGator

    UFGator New Member

    I'm sure AT&T can do that. The phone number is associated with the SIM card, not the phone. You can test this by borrowing a SIM card from another AT&T subscriber and putting it into your phone. If you get bars, then you have proven it can be done.
  9. powersrus

    powersrus New Member

    Yes you can change your phone number...I've changed mine twice and my husbands once. just call AT&T and tell them you have a iPhone and need the number changed and that you want it to show at the top of your contacts list. It will cost $36 to change but I had no problem and you don't have to get a new sim card either!
  10. impaler

    impaler Member

    If you don't port a number from another carrier at the time of activation, yeah, you're stuck with the number you're given. The only exception is if you change states/move, AT&T will change your number for no charge.
  11. ldivinag

    ldivinag New Member

    i was able to port my number from sprint. it took like 15 minutes...

    no pain... took about 30 minutes afterwards to kill the old sprint palm phone and my new iPhone to receive calls...

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