changing cities for weather

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by hbrown2, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. hbrown2

    hbrown2 New Member

    i have been trying for two weeks now to change the stupid city in which i get my weather on the widget thing. How do i do it!!!
  2. Platinum

    Platinum New Member

    The little "i" thing on the bottom right side, its actually hard to get it pushed, it took me like 10 times to finally push it.
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  4. david803sc

    david803sc New Member

    push and hold your finger on the i for a few seconds, it will come up. For those tha don't know there are many features that can be accessed my holding your finger on the button an example is the weather i to change cities also the fast forward and rewind on youtube etc etc etc.....
  5. hbrown2

    hbrown2 New Member

    thank you guys i got it
  6. DMcGrew

    DMcGrew New Member

    Just tap it.
  7. wjp09

    wjp09 Zealot

    to add a new one just tap the (i) Then to change between them press the dots on the bottom.
  8. mango

    mango New Member

    U can also "Flick" the screen coverflow style to change weather locations.

    Love it.

  9. gmcenroe

    gmcenroe New Member

    How to shuffle cities in weather?

    Anyone know how to change order of cities in weather without reloading them? That would be a nice feature addition.
  10. cdodkin

    cdodkin New Member

    When you're in the edit screen on the weather app - you can click on the weather channel icon at the bottom of the screen, and it takes you to another yahoo/weather channel webpage, where you can look up additional cities etc.
  11. Ruth Maller

    Ruth Maller New Member

    how do I change the weather location on my iphone
  12. radonja

    radonja New Member

    great i was wondering the same

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