Changing Phones at AT&T


New Member
Jun 28, 2007
Northern Virginia
I realize that one can't simply switch sim cards from a BB to the iPhone, but can I switch the sim cards and then log into and switch the plans to use my iPhone?


Jun 10, 2006
Long Island, NY
If it were another phone, then you'd have no problem. Since the BlackBerry has a BlackBerry plan, you might have trouble. I actually logged in this morning and noticed that AT&T knew that I switched my SIM card out of the iPhone. I regularly switch phones, but they never noticed. Today, when I logged in, it said my phone was a Moto Q 9h. My data plan was the iPhone plan. I called and they said there is no difference between the iPhone plan and MediaNet. This is great, so I can swap the SIM card out whenever I want to whatever phone I want. Again, this will vary with the BlackBerry. I also have a BlackBerry and was forced to set up a different line of service for that phone.

Good luck. As the previous poster mentioned, give them a call and hopefully you'll get someone who is on the ball. The gentleman I spoke with this morning was very helpful and knowledgeable.