Charger Fried my iPhone. How do I get a replacement???

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by andyward82, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. andyward82

    andyward82 New Member

    Hi. I bought an iPhone from the US and have been using it with a turboSIM on a UK provider here in England. Recently, I bought a car charger and it fried my iPhone. I've become aware that this is quite a common problem. I've also been told that Apple will replace my iPhone if I just explain that it just won't turn on (pretend that I didn't use a third party charger). However, as I got it from the US do I have to take it to a US store or could I take it to the Apple store in London?

    I have my receipt, etc and could theoretically say it was a present and the recipient has sent it over to me from the US.

    What do you think? Anyone got any ideas? It's only two months old!!!

  2. frankyfingerz

    frankyfingerz New Member

    give it a shot, all they can say is NO we can't do it here , u have to send it to a US store... what happen when it fired ?? the back of mine gets real Hot sometimes
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  4. Ezekiel2517

    Ezekiel2517 Member

    ooh.... thats gotta suck.. :sick:

    i stopped charging mine in my car after i noticed that it got considerably warm when plugged it. not taking any more chances
  5. andyward82

    andyward82 New Member

    Well, I was driving home and was some distance away and was expecting an important call. I looked at the iPhone and it was running low. When I stopped for petrol I noticed a charger on sale. Got one for £4.99. Plugged it in and instantly the screen went a bit odd. The iPhone switched off. I assumed it was something irrelevant. Then it restarted and then switched off again so I unplugged it. I only had it in for about 2 minutes - possibly less. Anyway, it was HOT as frack so I ensured I didn't use that charger again. When I got back in I plugged it into the dock/cradle thing and it wouldn't charge properly. I thought that perhaps something had gone weird with the system software so I tried to start it up in 'recover mode' to reinstall it but it just wouldn't happen. Eventually it ran out of batteries to the point where the screen went black and now it won't charge, start up or anything. Bummer.
  6. themanofthedark

    themanofthedark New Member


    that sucks.

    definately, man, give apple a shot.
  7. theotherallen

    theotherallen New Member

    It probably has something to do with the fact that the US and the UK are on different power types, i believe?

    That might be the cause of your woes.
  8. docmagoo2

    docmagoo2 New Member

    there is absolutely NO difference in the US and UK iphones so the charger should not make a difference. The insides of the charger will output the same current and voltage to the phone
  9. dturner

    dturner Zealot

    Charger will make a difference if it isn't configured for the 3G. The pin configuration is different from the V1.
  10. docmagoo2

    docmagoo2 New Member

    my iphone charger works on my 5th gen ipod video AND my mates iphone well as my iphone....

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