Charging disruptions

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Oct 31, 2007
Ever since I've had my iPhone, I've had docking issues. Often times if I dock it (using either the dock or directly plugging into the phone... same diff), it will make the connect sound, show me the battery charge gauge, then will go right to my wallpaper/unlock screen. It will not show in iTunes and I often get a Windows error that I'm not connected to a high-speed USB port (I only have 2.0 ports). At this point, I disconnect, count to 5, and reconnect. This will often work.

The problem is that is doesn't always stick. It seems to disconnect randomly, although often I hear cellular interference on my stereo speakers (indicating some sort of handshaking with AT&T/email checking/etc.), and the phone makes the connect sound again and lights up, showing me the battery gauge screen. It it definitely correlated to the incoming Edge data.

It seems like it's charging, but many a morning now, I've woken up to an uncharged iPhone. I would say it's the cable, but I bought another one and no difference. I'd say it's the phone connection, but I don't have as much problem with the wall charger (sometimes it takes 2 times to get it to light up right, but it stays charging once I do)

So, yeah... kinda complicated. Anyone else having these issues or is it just me? I just want to know that my phone is gonna charge if I leave it overnight.


New Member
Nov 16, 2007
All the phone wants is the usb power to charge. So rule out windows, and iTunes and you're left with either a dodgy cable, dock, or maybe a USB hub and too many devices? Fluff up your socket?

Or a dodgy pc, dodgy iPhone, or aliens. Or all three. In any case - buy a Mac! Windows is just wrong.


New Member
Aug 22, 2007
I have a similar problem with it not charging properly over USB when I'm hooked up to my laptop. I'm still not sure what the cause is, so I only charge via the wall charger at night.