Charging via USB on PC vs wall outlet?

Nov 6, 2008
Newbie here, and I just got my first iPhone recently. I love it. I bought a used one at a great price, so I could not pass it up. However, all I got was the phone. No USB cable, no charger... nothing. Not a big deal, since I have several ipods already, I have been using the USB cable from them to charge the iPhone. One problem... the battery dies within 18 - 24 hours, with the phone just in standby mode for most, if not all, of that time.

Is charging the phone this way not as good as charging it via a wall outlet? Should I buy a wall charger? Will it give me more battery life? Or is the battery in this phone just junk?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


Oct 27, 2007
Las Vegas, NV
Welcome to EIC!

Battery life of 18-24 hours sounds about right to me. The 3g or a V1 on FW 2.0 or higher are battery hogs. If you want to try to get more battery life make sure location services is off unless your using and manually check email. Thant might buy you a few more hours.

As for the charging...I've heard that using a wall charger is the preferred method, but I'm not totally sure on that.
Mar 30, 2008
Elizabethtown, Kentucky
I also prefer to use the Wallcharger, cause one thing that I noticed about the iPhone when I got was although it used a lot of its battery... could be charged really fast in a matter of 1.5-2hrs :)

For example if your iPhone tells you that message that their is 10% battery life left and you go charge with a wallcharger it will be done with 2hrs, but if you do same with a USB cable it make take twice as long haha! I remember I could take a nap when my iPhone were about to die and wake up and the battery be 4/5 full ;)

Get the Wallcharger!