Chat rooms.?


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Nov 24, 2007
is there any Chat Rooms that work for iPhone users.? Not like social networking like ..etc
I mean like a regular chat rooms
Feb 16, 2008
i built webchattr :) all iPhone users on there... check it out
hey guys thanks for the plug. I built webChattr, and really poured a lot of passion, blood and sweat over it ... and continue to do so.

It's been very solid and stable so-far, 95% of all users are on their iPhone or iPod Touch every day chatting-away with what i'm hoping to be a growing desktop-user base.

The application runs 100% on top of open web standards, so it doesn't depend on flash to work, and it was built for speed: whether you're on AT&T's creepy-slow EDGE connectivity, or WiFi/broadband, the app just works and "feels right".

You'll also notice that whether you're on a desktop computer or on an iPhone, the app looks a million times better than any other "chat room ... thing" you may have played with in the past, including all those inane flash-based apps out there. Most flash apps also feel clunky/usably-impaired ... well that's least that's been my take on them :p

Feel free to stop-by and give me feedback in private messages on this forum or in comments to this thread.