Cheapest way to upgrade to 3GS from 3G?

Dec 17, 2008
I have a 16gb iPhone 3g but want to upgrade to the 32gb iPhone 3gs, I haven't had my phone for the year yet even (about 7 months or so though) and I've been an att member for like 8 years or so. What's the cheapest way for me to upgrade to 3gs 32 gig? Would I have to sell my current phone, pay the early termination fee and get the 3gs for 300 that way, or is there a better way to do this? Please help, I'd like to get this phone sometime this week


Dec 15, 2007
Louisville, Ky.
You need to go to the ATT website and see what your eligibility is, but my guess is that you will find you can get the 32GB for $499 with a new 2 yr contract. No need to pay the early termination fee. In fact if you did, you may find that you couldn't turn around and open a new account just to get the $299 price. And you would end up with a new phone # to boot.


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Dec 12, 2008
Just pay the $499 and then sell your 3G for around $400. Don't pay the ETF or try to scam them in any other way (they've thought of everything and it doesn't work). In the end, the most you'll save is $30 (when you factor in activation fees etc), but you lose your phone number, it's a hassle, they have waiting periods between canceling and reactivating, and you have a limited amount of times you can cancel an account anyway.


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Jul 14, 2007
Your best bet is ebay or craigslist your 3G phone. You will get around $400 on ebay, and around $425 - $450 on craigslist depending on the condition of your phone. I sold my 3G 16 gig black for $400. After the paypal fees and ebay fees I cleared about $380. I was extremely lucky as I qualified for the subsidized cost of the 3G S. I had a $50 gift card to the Apple store and when it was all said and done I paid $275 for my phone. If you can get $400 for your phone you will pay about $150 (depending on your state tax, here in Illinois it is 10%) out of pocket for a 3G S.