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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mido, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. mido

    mido New Member

    Hey guys, do you know how to check how many text messages left you have in your account?
    I mean it's easy to find out the minutes, but there is no indication of messages.
    Any idea?
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  2. petalmom

    petalmom New Member

    You can log on to your AT&T account. How many you have used is listed on the data tab. Be warned however that unlike minutes, these are not "up to the minute". There can be a day or two delay in posting them.
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  4. DMcGrew

    DMcGrew New Member

    This is very easy to do with the iPhone. To check text messages dial *3282# and you will be sent a text message with how many text messages you have left (or how many you are over). I have this saved as a contact in my favorites list.
  5. teufel657

    teufel657 New Member

    Does this say for the billing month, or total. I got mine and said:

    "As Of: 10/01
    MEdia Net/Internet(MB): Unlimited
    Messaging: 1160
    See for applicable limitations"

    No way i've done 1160 text in this past billing month.
  6. radmonkeyx

    radmonkeyx New Member

    that is what you have left i believe.
  7. gcvt

    gcvt Zealot

    That is correct.
  8. iamtko

    iamtko Zealot

    this is what i thought you mean by that exact phrasing...

  9. radmonkeyx

    radmonkeyx New Member

    to funny, that is one pic i did not think i would see today
  10. iamtko

    iamtko Zealot

    haha yeah, you're welcome :p

    and i think i'll go home and watch Billy Madison tonight.. :D
    actually, i'll(not being anyone significant to anyone on here) make it a mandatory event that EVERYONE on the boards has to watch it tonight..

    YUP, self-appointed event-planner.
  11. Youngbinks

    Youngbinks Zealot

    Haha I just converted my Billy Madison DVD to iPhone compatible. Now I get to watch it anywhere. Score.

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