Cleaning and reusing screen protector?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by claygreenberg, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. claygreenberg

    claygreenberg New Member

    Is it possible to clean the inside of a screen protector if it gets dirty? This would make it possible to use it again instead of buying them over and over until you get the placement just right with no dust underneath.
  2. impaler

    impaler Member

    Depends on which one you have.
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  4. claygreenberg

    claygreenberg New Member

    I have the Power Support antiglare.
  5. impaler

    impaler Member

    I'd say contact the company and ask.
  6. guest 5

    guest 5 Member

    I've tried cleaning screen protectors and it was always a failed attempt. I could not seem to clean it and have it dry without lint re-sticking to the 'sticky' side, nor could I wipe the sticky side with even a lint-free cloth without it catching some lint on it, or even use an air can to spray off the water without blowing lint onto the sticky side. In my experience, once enough lint gets onto the sticky side, it's trash and I buy a new one.
  7. dturner

    dturner Zealot

    Totally agree. Some brands claim you can clean and reuse, but I would have to see to believe. It is just short of impossible to reuse these things.
    That's why most come in at least a 2 pack.:p
  8. guest 5

    guest 5 Member

    Yeah, I used to clean my boxwave screen protectors for my Treo by laying scotch tape onto them the whole width/length of the protector, essentially making a sticky film for it to sit on and then when I peeled the protector off the tape, all the lint, etc. would go to the tape side. I tried this with my Power Support films and the scotch tape left stripe marks across the whole piece of film. The stripe marks was basically where each pieve of scotch tape overlapped. Then the screen protector became useless. So I always get 2 packs and then I have replacements for a while.
  9. gotzaiPhone

    gotzaiPhone Zealot

    Another one here with failed attempts at cleaning the power support screens. Load of BS unless you have access to a celan room and distilled water.
  10. ravman

    ravman Zealot

    Get yourself a Bodyguardz or Invisible Shield. You just take them off, send em back and the company will send you a replacement for free. They are a little more expensive initially, but in the long term, they work out cheaper. Plus they offer a lot more protection than the average screen protector.

    I've sent my Bodyguardz protectors back twice and I've had new ones in the mail in a matter of days.

    No glove, no love.
  11. sl0ppyshat

    sl0ppyshat Member

    I was able to clean mine and came out perfect. I rinsed it under water, the sprayed some windex on it to clean it. The reapplied it while it was still wet, using a Credit card to push the water out. Worked fine for me
  12. gotzaiPhone

    gotzaiPhone Zealot

    Lucky you! You're not in the Chicago area and willing to show me your secret, are you?
  13. psylichon

    psylichon Moderator

    Nope. Just throw it away.
  14. QuantumGypsy

    QuantumGypsy New Member

    I tried this and it worked!! It's counterintuitive to put anything wet on your phone, but it worked perfectly! Just rinse the screen protector and use your fingers to rub any lint or dust off of the sticky side. Then shake off as much excess water as you can, and place onto your screen. Take a credit card and squeeze the water out from underneath, working from the center to the edge. Voile!
  15. Escorihuela

    Escorihuela New Member

    yes, i did the windex and credit card thing and it worked, thanks
  16. Why did your Screen protector got dirty on the inside? Just buy another one :)

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