cleaning the screen with some rubbing alcohol?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by titleist731, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. titleist731

    titleist731 New Member

    is cleaning the screen with some rubbing alcohol safe? i assumed it would be since the screen is made of glass

    i feel it helps remove some of the oil...
  2. Conan

    Conan New Member

    I remember reading somewhere that using any type of liquid on the screen is not recommended...but I still use a little bit of windex
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  4. MadDog31

    MadDog31 New Member

    I'd use the same stuff you use to clean LCD and plasma screens with honestly...if you must use liquid at all. Rubbing alcohol in my mind isn't very highly recommended.
  5. rinual

    rinual New Member

    I have pseronally tested cleaning the iphone with the following products
    -hand sanatizer
    -plastic cleaner (used for the iphone demo structures)

    i have applied to a cloth as well as directly to the screen, and in no case has there been any deteriation of the product.

    the warning i will give, is using items that are corrusive, i.e rubbing alchol and hand sanatize etc... is that if you get it into the phone, it can damage the sensors, so if you need to use that, apply it to a cloth first and use it sparringly.

    However, you should never need any cleaning device other than hot breath and a micro fiber cloth, as that has worked for even the stickiest fingerprints. (these att demo phones get some "intresting" people playing with the phone

    hope this helps

  6. gcvt

    gcvt Zealot

    I wouldn't use anything with alcohol or ammonia on my iPhone.
  7. JiggyMatt

    JiggyMatt New Member

  8. uPhone559

    uPhone559 New Member

    hey let's all use abrasive chemicals on our phones! get yourself some baby whipes, or monster screen cleaner ;p
  9. Redfor

    Redfor New Member

    I found that Monitor Wipes work great. Whatever is left over usually evaporates within a few secs.
  10. mernst

    mernst New Member

    I use rubbing alcohol on mine but I have a screen protector on it...
  11. brinky

    brinky New Member

    I wanna know where you have been sticking your iPhone that you need to use hand sanatizer on it?

    Then again, maybe I don't.
  12. minivini

    minivini Member

    Rubbing alcohol on a cloth should not be a problem (I've used it several times). The lens cleaning solution I keep handy (but only use in emergencies) in my cameral bag is simply a high solvency alcohol. The main difference in it and rubbing alcohol is the rubbing stuff has more good ol' H2O in it. I've also used Windex.
  13. jthhtj

    jthhtj New Member

    i've used windex and a paper towel. but recently i developed like four bubbles near the middle of the screen. really weird because i would think the only way for that to have happened would have been through the sides, but the bubbles were in the middle. well i sent in my iphone in two days ago and should received a new or fixed one.
  14. Roundeye76

    Roundeye76 New Member

  15. geordisjd

    geordisjd Zealot

    I'm afraid of all those abrasive chemicals (they disolve anything, that's how they work, maybe even the screen). I got that wonderful screen cloth for my 30-inch Mac screen that does a great job on the iPhone too. Cleans it without liquid, residue or abrasions. I've had is since day1, use it all the time and there's not a scratch anywhere.
  16. rubbles

    rubbles New Member

    i actually use something called iKlenz. Just type in iKlenz in google to find it. It comes with some instructions and it says to spray the solution on the microfiber cloth, which it comes with, and then wipe the screen with it. I wouldn't think you should spray the screen directly with any type of cleaning product. I like this because it has a disinfectant to kill all those germs. I mean I touch this thing all day long and put it up to my face and everything.

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