cleaning up after 1.1.2 update

Aug 10, 2007
I recently updated my already jailbroken 1.1.1 to 1.1.2. I had a lot of stuff installed. After the update, all of the programs I had disappeared. I know they are still on the phone as i have seen them with mobile finder. I wanna clean those files up. I wanna get rid of them and basically start over. What should i do?


New Member
Aug 6, 2007
I found that my old symlinked apps were shuffled around into one of the USR directories if I'm not mistaken. I sniffed around and found them using Cyberduck over an ssh connection. I backed them up, just in case, and then deleted them followed by a soft reset. Hopped back into the phone and everything ran smoothly.

My Old Apps folder was 28 megs, not much, so whether or not you can find the old apps folder you're not going to be recovering a huge amount of space.