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Jan 9, 2009

It's a nice copy and paste application that should be coming to Cydia in a few days. From the looks of it, it is better and easier to use than Clippy, but only time will tell.

"Using_hClipboard How to use ℏClipboard


ℏClipboard is a global copy and paste solution for the iPhoneOS 2.2 based on iKeyEx.

Copying the whole text field

When the keyboard appears, switch to ℏClipboard by clicking the International button (the Globe) repeatedly. Then hit the Copy button. The entire content of the text field should now appear in the top of the clipboard.

Copying a portion of text

Move the the beginning of the range of text you want to copy. Hit the Select from here... button. Then move to the end and hit the Select to here and copy button (which is the same button) again. The entry will now appear in the clipboard.

You may use the Move to beginning (←) and Move to end (→) buttons to aid navigation.
Copying Web Page Content

You have to install a bookmarklet to copy from web page content. See CopyingTextFromSafari for instructions.

Just click on any item on the clipboard to paste it.
The item just pasted will move to the top of the clipboard.
Deleting clipboard item

Swipe horizontally on any items will reveal a Delete button. Hit this button and the item will be gone.

ℏClipboard supports a secondary clipboard called Templates. Hit the Switch to Templates/Clipboard button on the lower-left corner to switch between the two.
The main difference between Templates and Clipboard is that Templates can hold infinitely many items, while Clipboard has an upper limit of 10 items. Therefore, Templates is better for storing more permanent texts like user name while Clipboard is better for temporary things like activation code.
Known Issues

Some applications use a text field to intercept keyboard input instead of actual displaying. ℏClipboard can never copy on these applications. Examples include:

  • MobileTerminal
  • VNC clients, e.g. Jaadu VNC (Jaadu VNC does not even support pasting).
  • "Enhanced" text editors, e.g. WritePad (MagicPad, on the other hand, works nicely with ℏClipboard.)
Some texts are read-only, so no clipboards will be displayed. You can't copy any text from it using keyboard-based clipboard solutions. Examples include:

  • Received text in MobileSMS, iRealSMS, etc.
  • Received mails in MobileMail -- click Reply to show the keyboard.
  • Web contents -- In a browser (MobileSafari, myFox, etc.) you may want to use these bookmarklets to workaround it.
  • PDF, Word Documents, etc.
Alternative Solutions

Copy and paste is a much-requested functionality on the iPhoneOS that Apple has repeatedly refused to add. Therefore, it is expected to see many unofficial clipboard implementations in the wild. Here lists some of them besides ℏClipboard:

  • Clippy is another excellent copy-and-paste solution of iPhone. It provides a system-wise single-entry clipboard, and is probably more accessible than ℏClipboard because you don't need to leave the current input mode, and more intuitive because the selection range is clearly shown. As of v0.91 you cannot copy web page text fileds like ℏClipboard, however.
  • CopierciN and many "enhanced" text editors on AppStore such as MagicPad and WritePad provide internal single-entry clipboards independent of the keyboard. Of course, you can't expect these clipboard to work outside of their own apps.
  • OpenClip was a framework for single-entry cross-application clipboard for AppStore apps, but was broken by Apple's sandbox model on 2.1."
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Jul 6, 2007
Marietta, GA
So far it looks like the best I've seen. I can't try it yet because I just restored my phone last night (which didn't fix my problems) so im going to the Apple store on saturday and don't want to have to restore again before I go.


Jul 19, 2007
Installed hClipboard. Simply does not work for me. I can hit the globe all day and nothing happens. Bleah.


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Jul 4, 2007
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You gotta turn it on in Settings>General>Keyboard>International Keyboards>hClipboard


Jul 11, 2007
So Cal
Somebody please let me know when these new copy & paste apps work with


Jan 8, 2009

Doesn't appear to copy/paste from text messages. Bleah.
Sure it will, you just got to make them editable. If you have this app, you have a jailbroken iPhone, thereforee you can get something like biteSMS, MySMS or iRealSMS where you can forward an sms, before you send the forwarded sms it's editable.

Somebody please let me know when these new copy & paste apps work with
I don't fet those messages cause I use SwirlyMMS, but this app should easily work with that site. You will have to "forward" that text to make it editable in order to copy the username and password though.