Closing History on Google search

is there any way to close history for search on Google on the pulldown that shows previous searches based on the first couple letters you put in search bar?

on my laptop on the bottom right on the Google search pulldown, there an option for "close history"...

above option does not seem to be available on my IPad 2 or IPad Mini...

someone suggested to me to go to:

Settings/Safari/close history, I tried that with no avail as previous search's were still there...


Nov 20, 2012
US Midwest
If you're talking about clearing the Google search box data in Safari, go to settings then scroll down to "Safari" and near the bottom of the screen is a button labeled "Clear History" (rather than close history), I will usually clear cookies at the same time. I cannot speak to the iPad 2 or the Mini but this has worked in my iPad3 since I first bought it new a couple of weeks after its release date. I don't know what version of iOS came with it when I bought it but I am pretty sure I was able to clear its history at that time. My current version of iOS is 6.1.3. If this doesn't work and you have tried the hard reset or restore options in iTunes then it may be time to call Apple if your warrantee is still in force.