CNN commentators hid their iPads behind the Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Oct 24, 2010
Denver, CO
That is too funny. I always love seeing a suppossed spokesman for a comany use another product. That always tells you how much faith they have in the products they are peddling. I know the CNN commentars weren't getting paid, but CNN sure was to lay them out. I'll never quite understand the money some of these companies sink into celebritiy endorsements like Robert Downey JR and Gary Oldman. I like both as actors, but I don't care what type of cell phone they are using.


Jan 30, 2011
So. California
Yeah Microsoft just can't catch a break with the Surface Pro 3..

I recall a while back during an interview after an NFL games someone said the coach was old and didn't know how to use the iPad.. It was actually a Surface Pro 3 that was being used..

Along the lines of tweets made by celebrities saying I love my new Samsung then it says 'Posted from iPhone' under the tweet.. :laugh2: