Combining phone #s with Outlook Contacts


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May 27, 2009
I bought an iPhone 3G last Saturday and they transferred my contacts (phone #s) from my Razor to the iPhone. Then, when I was syncing with Outlook I received a warning that if I synced my Outlook Contacts it would delete all of my phone #s that were transferred from my Razor.

Is there a way of having my cake and eating it too? Can I sync my Outlook contacts without deleting my phone #s?

Any help is greatly appreciated! :)
I'm not sure how it works with a standard sync, but I know it works well using MobileMe to push all changes between the iPhone, MobileMe online, my MacBook Pro and my Outlook on my Windows PC. They all stay perfectly in sync. The Win PC needs MobileMe Control Panel for Windows and cannot use Exchange.

You can reset the sync to have it overwrite the MM data or the Outlook data.

Wish I had more specific suggestions, but maybe someone else will comment too.


Oct 31, 2007
What I would do is use Gmail contacts as an interim service. Export any you have from Gmail already to be safe, sync your iPhone with Gmail, export again from Gmail. Then export your contacts from Outlook and import them into Google as well. Import anything from the other exports that may have gotten lost in that sync. Finally, once everything's on Google, sync your phone again to get it all.

Just backup each stage the best you can to play it safe that you don't overwrite anything. Syncing can be quite messy.