comcast email on iphone?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by NickT916, May 25, 2008.

  1. NickT916

    NickT916 Member

    i tried adding my comcast email to the iphone but no success. im a bit confused with the host name for the incoming mail server and outgoing SMTP, can someone help out who has comcast already on iphone? thanks!
  2. ruttrow

    ruttrow New Member


    This is what I use in mac mail and it works
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  4. trnsilver

    trnsilver Zealot

    Comcast also has a mobile application you can use, but I don't find it to be good.
  5. Wes61991

    Wes61991 New Member

  6. Xreds

    Xreds New Member

    So this may be an elementary question but once my phone's wifi and internet are working properly, how do I set up msn mail on phone?

    Sorry to ask repetitive or novice like questions but all of this is very new to me.

  7. NickT916

    NickT916 Member

    i put that in and it says cannot connect using SSL "do you want to try setting up the account without SSL?" i tried yes but i got: IMAP account verification failed "IMAP server is not responding blah blah..."

    why do simple things have to be so hard sometimes :(
  8. lancpa

    lancpa New Member

    When adding a new account make sure you hit the "pop" button, Imap is the default. Comcast does not support Imap.
  9. Keeper35

    Keeper35 New Member

    For whatever it's worth, I just set up a Gmail account and have my comcast mail bounced to the gmail. It was really easy do do it that way.
  10. NickT916

    NickT916 Member

    thanks it worked! :) but its telling me it failed sending out mail? just able to receive
  11. trnsilver

    trnsilver Zealot

    Thats a cool idea Keeper. I have all my junk mail going to comcast and all my personal email going to gmail. How do you do that?
  12. powersrus

    powersrus New Member

    this is how I have mine

    it is a (POP) account:


    Under the advance settings make sure you have (Use SSL) turned ON for both incoming and outgoing.
    Server Port incoming: 995
    Server Port outgoing: 587

    This should make it work for you.
  13. comcaster007

    comcaster007 New Member

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