compatible car decks?


Jul 25, 2007
Nowhere, Mitten
I've read multiple threads on this subject, and would like to consolidate this issue a bit. I am looking for a new car stereo that will work with the iPhone. I would prefer to use the dock connector, not the headphone jack. I would also like to control the music through the deck. If you have (or know for certain) a deck that works, please list it here. Please state if you get any GSM interference, the "this accessory....." message, or if your phone exploded:p. Not looking to spend a lot, (don't want to buy a new Acura to make it work!), please list the make, model and approx. price you paid.

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Edit: I have a v1 phone


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Jul 31, 2007
I just installed my new stereo the Pioneer DEHP4000UB last week. Brought it from Circuit city for $144 + some harness wiring + the dash kit and got a free installation. The total i paid was about $200.

This stereo included a USB adapter so you can just plug in your own USB cable and it connect to your phone charge it and play the music at the same time, there was no interference, the sound was amazing, I don't have any problem with it, except the "this accessory....." message, everytime i plug in my phone, this message will appear but for me it's not really a big deal. and yes you can control the music through the head unit not through the iPhone.

BTW, i have the 3G phone, i don't think you should worry too much about exploding your phone since you have a V1.
Aug 27, 2008
I just had an Alpine ida x100 installed. Sounds good,plays and charges 3g iPhone and no explosions yet. I don't know what GSM interference is but everything sounds good with no static or odd noises. Deck was 314$ from Best Buy but you can find it cheaper on line. Nice clear screen that displays by artist,song, podcast etc. Do get the "this accessory message". Also had a Parrot ck3100 installed at the same time. Seems to work well but not had much time to play with either of them yet. Music is controlled through the deck.



Jul 13, 2008
I got this model. It works fine for the 3G, so it should work for your iPhone, even though it was made for the ipod. Best thing about it, is it's bluetooth. You can make and receive calls from it, even when listening to music, on your car's speakers. It'll stop the music and allows you to either accept or deny the call. It goes right back into the music when it's done. You can also make phonecalls withou using the usb cable, if you hooked your phone's bluetooth to it.