Confirmed MMS from CDMA VZW Android devices will instantly crash AT&T GSM iPhone


May 15, 2010
Hey all,

**Update** I just confirmed this. I fixed the signal drop loop from my original post be restoring my iPhone to an earlier backup. Problem 100% solved. AS SOON as I sent an MMS from my VZW HTC Rezound, (and I even limited it to less than 600kb), by iPhone went into the signal drop loop. 30 seconds with service, 30 seconds without service, and this repeats endlessly.

I don't understand how there can't be more talk about this. I called AT&T twice and talked to Tier 2 tech support - they were clueless, so i at least filled them in.

Here's my original post.

This is crazy! I have an ATT iPhone suffering from it as well as a friend. Both phones have had MMS sent from my VZW Rezound. It seems that CDMA Verizon MMS to GSM AT&T iPhone will instantly crash the iPhone....

Here are the details:

Another post:

Anyone have any further info?



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Sent from my ADR6425LVW using Tapatalk