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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by flatbacks21, Oct 12, 2012.

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    I've been watching all the commercials and listening to all the iOS 6 and iPhone 5 camera options, but one seems to be a little misleading.. The option to take a still pic when watching a video.. I thought if you simply push the home key and on/off key simultaneously a screen shot could be snapped.. Is this really new? I guess it's easier since it now has the option integrated into the video mode..
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    Why go through the hassle of pushing 2 buttons at once then crop the photo when you can just simply push a button? I think it's convenient, not that I ever shoot videos on my phone.
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    The iPhone display shows 1136x640 pixels. It is my understanding that when you take a screen capture (pressing the power button and the home button) you are effectively capturing a lower resolution image with your capture.

    The camera is a 8mp HD capable camera and video recorder. When you snap a still picture while taking a video, you are still using an 8mp camera lens which will provide you with much higher resolution photos of the scene.

    Additionally, since the camera button appears on the video screen you only need to press one button to capture a picture instead of two. Easier to manage during filming without even taking your eyes off the screen or really even moving your hands to accomplish the task.
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    Wow I just noticed this. The little camera button makes it super simple to take a pic while recording.

    I'll try and remember this awesome feature maybe the once a year i actually record on my phone lol
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    Had no idea about snapping a pic in video mode

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