Considering a move from Mac Pro to Retina MacBook Pro


Jun 10, 2006
Long Island, NY
I've had my Mac Pro for years. It's a beast, unruly at times, but dependable as they come. It's also a power hog. When I relocated to Annapolis after Hurricane Irene, the electric bill at my in-laws saw a noticeable jump. I've tried before to replace it, ordering an maxed out iMac. The display gave me all sorts of headaches and made me nauseous. The iMac went back and haven't considered a change, until now. My thinking here is to kill two birds with one stone. My MacBook Air is woefully underpowered when processing any kind of video. Thankfully, that's not so frequent on my Air. Those problems would be solved by a MBP.

I'm going to test the waters and see what kind of resale I can get on my early 2009 Mac Pro. It's got 24GB or RAM, 80GB SSD and a 1TB HD. The other internals I'm keeping and will use externally.

I'm watching a similar model on eBay, curious to see where it goes.

If I can move the Mac Pro, I know I'll have zero trouble selling the MacBook Air. It might end with my wife, who has storage issues with her MBA 11.

I saw a few posts on another forum (perish the thought) of Mac Pro users switching to a Mac mini. Seems like the GPU wouldn't be sufficient.

No rush, unless someone calls.