Contact Fields under iOS 7: Add Social Profile: What does it do?


Dec 7, 2011
Miami, Florida
When you're editing a contact on iOS 7, you are presented with the opportunity to add several additional fields. One of these is "add social profile":

photo.PNG (click to enlarge)

So I've tried that one of two ways...

by providing my Facebook "vanity name" (
by providing the entire URL to my Facebook profile (

Neither seems to do anything.

Tapping on the former just takes my to my News Feed (and not my Facebook wall)

Tapping on the latter does absolutely nothing (well, it takes my to my News Feed, and that's not the ideal outcome--it should take me to my Wall. If I were to add someone else's URL to their Facebook profile, it couldn't show me their News Feed--those would be private to them only, right?)

Tapping on my Twitter "social profile" seems to have decent functionality... It takes me to my Twitter timeline.

Am I doing something wrong?

See my setup:

photo2.PNG (again, click to enlarge)

Thanks in advance for any enlightenment you may be able to provide to me!