Contour showcase or Incase? Help me decide!


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Jul 10, 2007
Philly Burbs
I got the Incase yesterday, ordered from the Apple Store. So far its very nice! I have a bad feeling the case is going to attract dust from my pockets, but I'm trying to be optimistic. It really looks good and makes me feel better about holding my iPhone.



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Jul 1, 2007
I have the Incase and really like it. It provides me with a little extra peace of mind and it's not bulky. My phone flew out of my hand yesterday and nothing broke.

Once in awhile I'll go completely naked (the iPhone), but I get really nervous. It just looks so good naked.

Simon Templar

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Jun 30, 2007
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I have been using an iSee case ever since iFriday. Was hoping that there would be a Showcase released for the iPhone. I have used Showcases and Vaja cases with every iPod I have owned and have been very happy with them all. Wasn't aware the Showcase was already here until I saw your post.

I am happy with the iSee with one minor exception. The only problem I have found with the iSee is that dust from your pocket does eventually work its way underneath the case. Not a HUGE problem.....but I do take the case off and wash it in a mild dishsoap-and-water solution roughly once a week. This is pretty much necessary to remove skin oil as well. So, no big deal.

I suspect this will also be the case with the Showcases just because of the big gaping hole required to allow access to the touch screen. it really a problem, or just the nature of the beast? You decide.



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Jul 13, 2007
The incase is fantastic...Very clean and very form fitting. On the lint issue...I had a Motorola SLVR with a similar attracted EVERYTHING. The incase appears to be a MUCH less "tacky" rubber however and barely collects any dust or lint while in my pocket...It is rather pricey at $30 but I would say worth every penny of it. One other limitation...I doesn't fit in the dock with the case on it...But the cord still fits in the bottom for sync and charge.


Jul 11, 2007
I have the isee case. I wanted something that had a holster in addition to protecting the iPhone itself. It seems to protect it well. I've dropped it once and haven't had a problem. However, I don't like the bulkiness of it and the case kind of makes it look cheap. I like the incase but doesn't have a holster. Probably will eventually get something else when more options come out!