Converting CAF to M4R


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Jul 4, 2010
I was just wondering if anyone knows how to convert a CAF file to a M4R file because I wanna use it as a ringtone, I may be in the wrong place asking this question but, any help that can be offered will be most appreciated.

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Oct 7, 2010
caf to m4r (or m4a) / OR m4r to caf, etc

(I will use example.ext to explain the process)
.caf to m4r: (or caf to m4a)
change example.caf to example.aiff >drag example.aiff into iTunes music section > convert example.aiff using the iTunes AAC encoder - in settings (this will change it to example.m4a) > Drag the newly created file from iTunes to the desktop > Change example.m4a to example.m4r > OR leave example.m4a if you need it as m4a > Finished

.m4r (or m4a) to .caf:
rename example.m4r to example.m4a (if already m4a, skip this step) > drag example.m4a into iTunes and convert it to aiff using the iTunes AIFF encoder - in settings (this will change it to example.aiff) > drag example.aiff to the desktop > rename example.aiff to example.caf > OR leave example.aiff if you need it as aiff > Finished

Tested and works both ways. Hope that helps.