CoPilot Live' Turn-by-Turn GPS App

Jul 16, 2008
CoPilot Live' Turn-by-Turn GPS App Debuts in App Store
posted by Marianne Schultz on Friday August 14, 2009 03:08 PM, MacRumors iPhone Blog

Another developer has just entered the North American turn-by-turn GPS fray, joining Navigon, Sygic, iGO and others in providing an alternative to help iPhone 3GS and 3G users get where they need to go. CoPilot Live North America by ALK Technologies, Ltd. made it to the App Store earlier today and joins previously-published versions of the app for the United Kingdom and Europe.

CoPilot Live North America is currently priced aggressively relative to competing apps at $34.99. The North American navigation apps by Navigon, Sygic, and iGO are currently priced at $69.99, $79.99, and $79.99 respectively.

The CoPilot Live features list indicates that it stores maps of the U.S. and Canada locally on your iPhone and that it contains features common to stand-alone GPS units, including route optimization, pre-trip planning, an automatic day/night mode, and more.

TomTom, one of the major players in the GPS market, still has yet to release their iPhone GPS app that was first promised at WWDC in June. It is anxiously awaited by many MacRumors forum members, and recent rumors of a special media event in September and around the pricing of the app and its companion mount have revived speculation about its release date.
The price is certainly appealing, rivaling the G-Map app. Anyone bought this one?


Jul 16, 2007
You know, I actually think I'm all GPS'd out for the moment and will pass on getting this one. I'm still working on reviewing the Navigon app and the iGO one is next. This is a GREAT price for a full GPS app, though, so I imagine that it will be very tempting compared to the other apps out there for the U.S.

It looks like it forgets your destination after a phone call, though, according to this line under the "Free Update Coming Soon" list, so people may want to be aware of this before they think something is really wrong with it: "Smart call handling to remember your destination after a phone call."

(And thanks for copying the whole article, including the byline ;) I hate it when articles are copied from other sites with no credit given to the original source.)