Corporate iPhone Plan or Individual Plan?


Jan 4, 2008
Corporate iPhone Plan or Individual Plan? [UPDATED] still need help :(

Hi, I saw that AT&T announced the Corporate iPhone Plan and am confused. I entered in my email address to see if I qualify and found out that I do.

To start with, I don't even have an iPhone, and I would only be using the Corporate iPhone Plan for myself (if that's possible.) It says I would need an eligible voice plan to go along with the Enterprise Data Plan for iPhone 200. Where can you find the prices of voice service plans for the iPhone?

My main question, though, is should I get the Corporate iPhone Plan ($45 plus voice plan) or the Individual Plan ($59.99)? Which one is cheaper?

Here's the site

EDIT: All right, I visited the AT&T Premier site and here's what happened:
I joyfully picked an iPhone for a phone and then picked a voice plan for $33.99 (which is a 15% discount off the regular $39.99 voice plan) and then it told me to pick a data plan. So I pick the cheapest data plan for twenty bucks and then I am warned that picking a data plan will cancel the 15% discount off of the voice plan, so I frantically scramble to click "No" and I'm led back to the voice plan options.
I then notice above the voice plan options it tells me I must pick a data plan, it's required, and then it goes on to say that "By selecting an iPhone data add-on plan, you will lose the service discount for the this line." And sure enough, after picking a data plan, the $33.99 voice plan goes back up to $39.99.

Thus, I end up getting no discounts because I'm forced to pick a data plan.


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Jun 30, 2007
I don't think that the corporate plans are available YET for the iPhone and yes, you have to have the $20 data plan (which you would not want to be without anyway)