Couldn't sync now can't use iPhone

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New Member
Sep 6, 2007
At first I was getting the erroer when trying to sync my iPhone I got an error that the disk could not be written to or read from. I tried to reset it to factory settings, and during this it got some erroer (9). I tried reseting it again, and got the same error. Now when I turn on the phone all I ever get is a white screen if it's plugged into the dock. Otherwise I can't turn it on at all. I'm stuck with what I should do, thanks for any help.


New Member
Aug 17, 2007
Easiest thing to do: try another computer. You can also try using a newer iTunes, reinstalling iTunes, or calling Apple. You should at least get the "Activate iPhone" screen. If you tried cracking your iPhone before that could cause it, how log have you had it/ has it ever worked before?