Creating new account for son's iPhone

Our son received an iPhone for Christmas, and I am not sure how to manage all of our accounts in iTunes.

When I sync his phone to my computer, as expected it attempts to sync my email account, contacts and calendar to his phone. Is there a way to have him be able to sync his own information in our iTunes account, or do we need to set up his own personal Apple ID/iTunes account?

I know this is probably a pretty basic question, but I've never had to sync multiple phones on one computer before, only iPods with one iPhone.

Thanks in advance, I appreciate any help you guys can offer.

Merry Christmas!


Apr 7, 2009
North Carolina
Also, if he previously had an iPod linked to the account you can just use the name of that iPod and it will sync whatever he had on that iPod to the new phone...
Well, I figured it would be best if I upgraded my computers to Lion first, which I did last night (7 hours per download!). But my son has gone to his grandparents house for the week, so I won't have access to his phone until the end of the week.

I've been contemplating other Mac issues in the interim:
1. My iPhone 3G will be obsolete in June thanks to the iCloud transition away from MobileMe (I was hoping to wait until the iPhone 5 comes out to upgrade my phone, which I doubt will happen before then). What the heck do I do?

2. When attempting to upgrade one of my iMacs to Lion, it stated that it does not have enough memory. How can that be if it is already Snow Leopard?

3. How can I get my son an Apple email address and keep it under my Apple userid?

It will be a miracle if I don't seriously screw something up!