Current GoPhone Pick Your Plan + iPhone = Success?


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Sep 2, 2007
This question may have been asked a few times already but I've been impatient and can't really get a clear answer...

I am currently a GoPhone customer with AT&T and I was wondering if I buy an iPhone, would I be able to transfer my sim from my old phone to the iPhone and have it work properly? If it does work, could I add the Unlimited Data ($19.99) and Unlimited Text ($19.99) to my $49.99 plan? I hope I made this kind of clear, but if not let me know.

I really want to figure this out before I buy my iPhone next month. Thanks for your help!


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Jul 27, 2007
The sim in the iPhone is the issue. It must be activated with the sim in the phone. You may be able to contact ATT to have your current gophone plan transferred to that sim and then add the data. However, you will have to go into an ATT store as iTunes is not setup for this information. there are some hacks where you can unlock the iPhone so it accepts any att sim, however I'm not sure if this will disable any of the features on the phone. This procedure would allow you to bring the sim from the gophone to the iPhone and then add unlimited data. I think you will have better luck by having att transfer your account to the iPhone sim and then if you wanted you could remove the sim from your iPhone and put it in your other gophone if you needed a second spare phone when you didn't want to take your iPhone.

Hey. You can read my post here:

From my experience, there's no way to keep your current GoPhone plan and get an iPhone. You need to start a new one. Sorry...
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Jul 13, 2007
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Can't you just unlock the iPhone and won't it work? Use the anysim unlock, I heard it's one click and it's free.