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Jul 11, 2014
Hi just purchased auto answer big boss tweek on cydia but i have not got stealth mode, no app it just appears in settings, its a bit pointless with out it, also thos 3 beeps at call end on iPhone any apps that will allow me to stop or change that, all help appreciated im such a novice still cant believe i managed a jailbreak x
Dec 15, 2008
Pensacola, FL
Hello. That's awesome you're now jailbroken. I used auto answer tweak before. Why do you need stealth mode? I read that that doesn't answer phone in and it doesn't even show the call log. I am assuming you want that for privacy?

As for the tweak in general, I don't use it anymore. Missing auto answered calls is not good for me as my mother would freak out and get worried.

The 3 beeps at end of call may not be possible. I just read online on a different forum back in 2011 about it, but no one had anything of good to give about it.

"So, I assume it can't be done cause I have tried following guides using ssh to change the iPhone ui sounds to no avail."
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