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Oct 13, 2007
Feenix, Amizona
Here is the new updated list. The other will be deleted (unfortunately). I ran into a small problem with the other one. I ran out of characters allowed per post. So the only way to solve it was to create a new thread. So, i'm sorry to everyone that posted on the thread. Like the other list, I will not include any of the Theme's. There are just way too many added daily to keep up with. This new list will be better than the last one.

I have included the repository name next to the app name. So I hope that will help you figure out where the app is being hosted if you don't see it on your list.


Oct 13, 2007
Feenix, Amizona

adv-cmds (Telesphoreo) - finger, fingerd, last, lsvfs, md, ps
IOKit Tools (Telesphoreo) - ioalloccount, ioclasscount, ioreg
Kernal Extension Tools (Telesphoreo) - tools that work with kernel extensions
lsof (Telesphoreo) - shows what files programs have open
Sudo (Telesphoreo) - temporarily assume root privileges
top (Telesphoreo) - at-a-glance process watching tool

App Addons

ABRecentCleanup BossPrefs (iSpazio)- Clean up old and unassociated rencently emailed addresses from your history.
ACtoggle BossPrefs Addon (iSpazio) - The latest auto-correction toggle.
Aguilas Folders - (PwnCenter) - A few folders to use with categories.
Amargna Font (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Font for FontSwap app.
Amerika Font (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Font package for FontSwap app.
Amharic Font (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Font for FontSwap app.
Animal Jokes (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - add on for
Apocalypse (Modmyi) - A noteskin for TapMania.
Bengali Keyboard (ModMyi) - keyboard based on iKeyEx.
BossPrefs Airplane Toggle (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - adds airplane toggle mode.
BossPrefs AnkiMini (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Ankimini toggle.
BossPrefs Autolock Toggle (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - adds an autolock toggle.
BossPrefs MobileCal Patch (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A BossPrefs plugin that hides the date from from the
BossPrefs Safari DL Cont (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Adds bossprefs safari DL control.
BossPrefs UltraSn0w Toggle (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -
BossPrefs YellowSn0w Toggle (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - This will toggle on or off your yellowsn0w. (after you reboot your phone)
Candy (ModMyi) - A noteskin for TapMania.
Categories v1 Icons (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - folder icon addon pack.
Champagne and Limosines Font (ModMyi) - For use with FontSwap app.
Cruz Azul Categories (PwnCenter) - Few Folders for Categories.
CToggle BossPrefs Addon (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Add autocorrect toggle to BossPrefs to enable/disable keyboard auto correct.
Diavio Font (ModMyi) - For use with FontSwap.
Dirty Jokes (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Add on for
Freepops BossPrefs Toggle (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Toggle the freepops control on and off.
Gradiance Categories (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A set of 12 category icons in 4 different colors.
Hotlittle Font (ModMyi) - A new font to spice up your old font.
iFile Documentation (am) (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -
iFile Documentation (ar) (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -
iFile Documentation (cs) (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -
iFile Documentation (de) (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -
iFile Documentation (en) (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -
iFile Documentation (es) (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -
iFile Documentation (fr) (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -
iFile Documentation (it) (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -
iFile Documentation (ja) (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -
iFile Documentation (pl) (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -
iFile Documentation (ru) (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -
iFile Documentation (tr) (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -
iFile Documentation (uk) (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -
iFile Documentation (zh) (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -
iKeyEx BBCODE Keyboard (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - keyboard for iKeyEx.
ITG Gold (ModMyi) - a noteskin for TapMania.
ITG Ice (ModMyi) - a noteskin for TapMania.
ITG Metal (ModMyi) - a noteskin for Tapmania.
JuraLight Font (ModMyi) - Give your OS a fresh new look with JuraLight.
KeepAwake (iSpazio) - SBSettings toggle to keep you WiFi connection awake.
Korny Jokes (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - app add-on for Jokes app.
Location Sevices Toggle (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - SBSettings Location Services toggle.
Mac Categories (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A set of 200 mac style category icons as an add on pack for
Marriage (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Jokes addon for
MCallShow_Database_Algeria (iSpazio) - database for MCallshow which is a callinfo enhancer.
MCallShow_Database_Angola -
MCallShow_Database_Argentina -
MCallShow_Database_Australia -
MCallShow_Database_Austria -
MCallShow_Database_Bangladesh -
MCallShow_Database_Basil -
MCallShow_Database_Belgium -
MCallShow_Database_Bosnia_and_Hercegovina -
MCallShow_Database_Brazil -
MCallShow_Database_Bulgaria -
MCallShow_Database_Chile -
MCallShow_Database_China -
MCallShow_Database_Colombia -
MCallShow_Database_Croatia -
MCallShow_Database_Czech -
MCallShow_Database_Denmark -
MCallShow_Database_Ecuador -
MCallShow_Database_Egypt -
MCallShow_Database_El Salvador -
MCallShow_Database_England -
MCallShow_Database_Estonia -
MCallShow_Database_France -
MCallShow_Database_Gabon -
MCallShow_Database_Germany -
MCallShow_Database_Greece -
MCallShow_Database_Greek Cyprus -
MCallShow_Database_Honduras -
MCallShow_Database_Hungary -
MCallShow_Database_Iceland -
MCallShow_Database_India -
MCallShow_Database_Indonisia -
MCallShow_Database_Ireland -
MCallShow_Database_Isreal -
MCallShow_Database_Italy -
MCallShow_Database_Japan -
MCallShow_Database_Korea N -
MCallShow_Database_Korea S -
MCallShow_Database_Latvia -
MCallShow_Database_Lebanon -
MCallShow_Database_Lithuania -
MCallShow_Database_Malaysia -
MCallShow_Database_Mauritius -
MCallShow_Database_Mexico -
MCallShow_Database_Morocco -
MCallShow_Database_Namibia -
MCallShow_Database_Netherlands -
MCallShow_Database_New Zealand -
MCallShow_Database_Norway -
MCallShow_Database_Pakistan -
MCallShow_Database_Peru -
MCallShow_Database_Philippines -
MCallShow_Database_Poland -
MCallShow_Database_Porland -
MCallShow_Database_Portugal -
MCallShow_Database_Romania -
MCallShow_Database_Russia -
MCallShow_Database_Saudi Arabia -
MCallShow_Database_Serbia -
MCallShow_Database_Singapore -
MCallShow_Database_Slovakia -
MCallShow_Database_Slovania -
MCallShow_Database_South Africa -
MCallShow_Database_Spain -
MCallShow_Database_Sudan -
MCallShow_Database_Sweden -
MCallShow_Database_Switzerland -
MCallShow_Database_Syria -
MCallShow_Database_Thialand -
MCallShow_Database_Tunisia -
MCallShow_Database_Turkey -
MCallShow_Database_Taiwan China -
MCallShow_Database_Ukraine -
MCallShow_Database_United Arad Emirates -
MCallShow_Database_Uruguay -
MCallShow_Database_USA Canada
MCallShow_Database_Venezuala -
MCallShow_Database_Vietnam -

Miami Font (Modmyi) - Port of Miami Font.
Musician Jokes (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - add on for
Necaxa Folders (PwnCenter) - Few folders to use with Categories.
Old English Font (ModMyi) - A highly requested old english font.
Processes (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Kill tasks Widget for SBSettings.+
RandomRing BossPrefs (iSpazio) - Use this toggle to active and deactivate.
Questions (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - add on for
SantaBanta (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - add on for
SBCustomIcon (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - MobileSubstrate extension for applications.
Skia Font (ModMyi) - For use with FontSwap.
solo (ModMyi) - A noteskin for TapMania.
Syslog BossPrefs Toggle (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - add system log toggle to bossprefs.
ThreeD (ModMyi) - A noteskin for TapMania.
TizTxt (PwnCenter) - Keyboard using iKeyEx.
TRI Color Categories (PwnCenter) - Few folders for Categories.
Ubuntu categories (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A set of traditional unbuntu style folder icons.
Ubuntu Tilting Font (ModMyi) - For use with FontSwap.
Vegur Font (ModMyi) - For use with FontSwap.
Vista Categories (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A set of 190 Vista folder icons as an addon for
Vivid (Modmyi) - A noteskin for TapMania.
Vivid Categories (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A set of Category icons for the sexy Vivid theme.
Yo Mama Jokes (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - add on for


Oct 13, 2007
Feenix, Amizona

cpio (Telesphoreo) - predecessor to tar that is used by RPM
DMG2IMG (Telesphoreo) - converts compressed dmgs to HFS+
fastjar (Telesphoreo) - faster native alternative to Java's Jar
libarchive (Telesphoreo) - backend library for working with tar files
rzip (Telesphoreo) - the best compression algorithm
unrar (Telesphoreo) - de-compress files in rar format
unzip (Telesphoreo) - de-compresss files in zip format
XAR (Telesphoreo) - easy extensible archive format
zip (Telesphoreo) - Standard Windows compression tool
7-zip (POSIX) (Telesphoreo) - claims to be a good compressor

Data Storage

cvs (Telesphoreo) - the original popular revision control.
Git (Telesphoreo) - fast content-addressable filesystem.
GNU dbm (Telesphoreo) - extensibly hashed database.
SQLite 3.x (Telesphoreo) - embedded database used by iPhone OS
SQLite 3.x Upgrade (Telesphoreo) - upgraded SQLite library for iPhone OS 2.x
Subversion (Telesphoreo) - modern version control system.


APR (Telesphoreo) - platform abstraction library from Apache
APR-util (Telesphoreo) - data structures and utilites for Apache APR
Assuan (Telesphoreo) - GnuPG's inter-process communication
Autoconf (Telesphoreo) - an intricate set of m4 macros.
Automake (Telesphoreo) - automatically generates verbose makefiles.
Bison (Telesphoreo) - GNU parser generator derived from Yacc
Bootstrap Commands (Telesphoreo) - Mach interface and stub generator
C++ Standard Library (Telesphoreo) - just a single, tiny, crucial symlink
Class Dump (Telesphoreo) - reverse engineer Objective-C headers
Csu (Telesphoreo) - library loading and support stubs
Darwin CC Tools (Telesphoreo) - linker and assembler for the iPhone
developer-cmds (Telesphoreo) - ctags, error, hexdump, rpcgen, unifdef
Flex (Telesphoreo) - GNU lexer derived from Lex
glib (Telesphoreo) - basic object management used by Gnome
GNU C Compiler (Telesphoreo) - a native c compiler _on_ the phone
GNU Debugger (Telesphoreo) - debugger for native software
GNU Multiple Precision (Telesphoreo) - (Big) Arithmetic Library
GNU Portable Threads (Telesphoreo) - portable threading library used by X
Google Data API's (Telesphoreo) - GData client library (Objective-C)
Hell Launchd routines (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - this gives you the power to control Launchd
hugs98 (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - functional programming system
hugs98 Packages (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Contains all the packages in the hugs98 source distribution.
indent (Telesphoreo) - automatically prettifies a C program
iPhone 2.0 Toolchain (Telesphoreo) - Full *compatibilty toolchain with one click! Use this to compile your 1.1.x apps for 2.0 with some limitations. BigBoss' headers for 1.1.1 from working Cygwin toolchain. Also depends on all other necessary packages. Copies to /var/include and symlinks /usr/local/include to /var/include if possible. Also links gcc to arm-apple-darwin-gcc.
iPhone Os C/C++ Compiler (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A simple C/C++ Compiler for iPhone
iWinnerBust (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - a terminal app that will create a appended memory dump of your app.
libffi (Telesphoreo) - dynamic generation of function calls
libgpod (Telesphoreo) - ipod data access library
libsigc++ (Telesphoreo) - callback framework for C++
Libneptune (Telesphoreo) - Neptune portable C++ runtime library.
Libplatinum (Telesphoreo) - A cross-platform C++ library.
LibVNCServer (Telesphoreo) - backend library for VNC servers
libxml2 (Telesphoreo) - very popular XML parser from Gnome
libxml2 Upgrade (Telesphoreo) - upgraded library for iPhone Os 2.x
Link Indenty Editor (Telesphoreo) - pseudo-codesign Mach-O files
Make (Telesphoreo) - dependency-based build environments
Package Config (Telesphoreo) - allows tight coupling and sloppy paths
Patch (Telesphoreo) - merge a difference onto a file
PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (Telesphoreo) - overly popular HTML templating langauge.
Simulated Key Events (Telesphoreo) - enforces support of injecting keypresses
SpringBridge (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - provides the ability for apps to call some springboard functions directly.
Statusbridge (ModMyi) - Easy StatusBar icons for everyone
XML Parser Toolki (Telesphoreo) - Stream-oriented XML parser written in C


C.I.D.E (Ste Packaging) - An add-on dictionary for App Store's WeDict.
DeuDict (Ste Packaging) - German <-> English.
Dictionary (Ste Packing) - Universal dictionary for iPhone/iPod Touch.
English Etymology (Ste Packaging) - Look up the origins of various words.
English Thesaurus (Ste Packaging) - Look up the synonyms of various words.
Hebdict (Ste Packaging) - An add-on dictionary for App Store's WeDict.
Merriam-Webster (Ste Packaging) - An add-on dictionary for App Store's Wedict.
SpaDict (Ste Packaging) - Spanish <-> English


Oct 13, 2007
Feenix, Amizona

AJ Hall Collection (Ste Packaging) - A collection of eBooks by A.J. Hall.
BHB - English (Ste Packaging) - The Holy Bible in English.
BHB - Portuguese (Ste Packaging) - The Holy Bible in Portuguese.
BHB - Spanish (Ste Packaging) - The Holy Bible in Spanish.
Down and Out... (Ste Packaging) - An eBook, by Cory Doctorow.
Eastern Standard Tribe (Ste Packaging) - An eBook, by Cory Doctorow.
Holy Quran (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Entire Holy Quran with Farsi & English translations.
Someone Comes to Town (Ste Packaging) - An eBook, by Cory Doctorow.
The Hidden Layer (Ste Packaging) - An eBook, by Chris Nordberg.


AnkiMini (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Anki server on iPhone.


DevTeam (PwnCenter) - a unofficial iPhone Dev Team app
Druktionary (Ste Packaging) - Now get drunk right from you iPhone.
Endgame Player (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A player to the YouTube movie "Endgame"
Farty (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Embarrass your friends with the most outrageous fart machine for the iPhone!
Girl Facts (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - if you are a guy and want to know what's in a girls head. This apps for you.
Girls Know Guys (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - 30 things us guys want you girls to know. (Ste Packaging) - Get all your now.
iComics PennyAracde (ModMyi) - allows you to view the popular webcomic on your iPhone.
iComics The Noob (ModMyi) allows you to view the popular webcomic on your iPhone.
iComics XKCD (ModMyi) - allows you to view the popular webcomic on your iPhone.
iDare (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Stuck in a game of Truth or Dare? Don't know what to do? iDare here to help!
iFMyLife (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - mobile version of
iPickup Girls (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Want a girlfriend, but can't cause you can't leave your iPhone alone?
iReviews (PwnCenter) - iReviews official iPhone app.
iWalMart (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Things to do while at Walmart.
Obama Deception (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A simple teaser for the new film by Alex Jones.
TizSite (PwnCenter) - the first site I have made for the iPhone/iPod Touch.
Yellow Rose of Texas (Modmyi) - iPhone port of a 4k intro from Assembly '03.
YoMama (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Yo Mama joke generator.
You Fail Button (PwnCenter) - This app is the perfect way to tell all your friends that they fail with the push of a button!


A Falling Sand Game (ZodTTD) - Fun & free Java falling sand game!
A Transport Tycoon Game (ZodTTD) -
ABA Noiz2sa (ZodTTD) - ABA Games
Abaia (ZodTTD) - One of the strongest Mac OS chess programs.
BrickAvoid Lite (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - very captivating & simple game
Buzzer (iSpazio) - 2 player split screen music quiz for iPhone/iPod Touch.
Croker (ispazio) -
Dames (iSpazio) - A nice checkers game.
Doom (ZodTTD) - comes to the iPhone and iPod Touch.
Fall Down (ModMyi) - the classic Fall Down game on Ti-93 Calc.
FreeRice (ModMyi) - A mobile version of
gameboy4iPhone (ZodTTD) - Gameboy & Gamboy color emulator
Genesis4iPhone (ZodTTD) - Sega Genesis Emulator.
gpSPhone (ZodTTD) - gameboy advance emulator for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
Hoople (ModMyi) - Cute squirrel hopping games!
iDefender (iSpazio) - like an old style watch game.
idSoftware Wolf3D (ZodTTD) -
iGuess Lite (ModMyi) - A fun and random number game
iMemory Game (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Traditional memory game
MacMan (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - An outstanding pac man knock off
MadLibs (ModMyi) - A MadLib app for the iPhone!
Mame4iPhone (ZodTTD) - MAME emulator for iPhone!
Mario Pong (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - a tennis game with Mario graphics
Millionaire (ModMyi) - Millionaire game with Vietnamese version.
MyTris (iSpazio) - is a simple tic tac toe game.
NES (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - NES Emulator for iPhone
NES 3 (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - NES emulator for iPhone. Rewritten for 3.0
Ninja Jump (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - jump and save the lives of accumulating score and competing in the Top 100
Obama Vs Fly (ModMyi) - Swat flys as you move ahead towards the Presidency.
OpenTTD (ZodTTD) -
osu! (ModMyi) - is a rythym based game based on the gameplay of a variety of popular commercial rythym games.
osu! Default Skin (ModMyi) - default skin for the osu! iPhone game.
Psarakia (iSpazio) - Make horizontal or vertical pairs of two and more same fish.
psx4iPhone (ZodTTD) - PS1 emulator
quake4iPhone (ZodTTD) - Includes shareware Quake files. Retail files highly recommended. Visit for more info.
RailWater (iSpazio) - the classic "tubes" game in a brand new version.
Reaction! (iSpazio) - A little game to test your reflex.
rps (Ste Packaging) - rock paper scissors game.
snes4iPhone (ZodTTD) -
StickWars Lite (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Defend your castle for iPhone/iPod Touch
TapMania (ModMyi) - DDR simulator for the iPhone.
temper4iPhone (ZodTTD) - turboGrafx 16/Cd Emulator.
Touch'n Shake (iSpazio) - are you fast enough?
Whirlwind 21 (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - is a clone of an online solitaire game based on Blackjack.


Disable Auto Correction (iClarified) - This package will disable the auto-correction feature while typing on your iPhone.
iLog (iClarified) - This package will manage the recent calls.
Pysl (2.0b2) (iClarified) - Call and SMS filtering tool for iPhone.
Volume Boost (2.0.1) (iClarified) - This package will increase the overall volume output of your 2.0.1 iPhone.
Volume Boost (2.1.0) (iClarified) -
Volume Boost (2.2.0) (iClarified) -


Oct 13, 2007
Feenix, Amizona

Classpath (Telesphoreo) - open source implementation of Jave
iPhone/Jave (Telesphoreo) - example applications (with source) in Java
JamVM (Telesphoreo) - Small, intricate, fast Java interpreter
Java SQLite (Telesphoreo) - JNI bindings and JDBC driver for SQLite
Jikes (Telesphoreo) - native faster alternative to Java's javac
JocStrap (Telesphoreo) - Java/Objective-C connection library
Rhino (Telesphoreo) - Java implementation of Java Script
UICaboodle (Telesphoreo) - iphone-specific JocStrap extensions



Aussie Number localization (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A patch that fixes number formatting in Australia.
bmobile Carrier Bundle (ModMyi) - Carrier bundle for bmobile, Trinidad & Tobago.
BiteSMS Slovencina (ModMyi) - Slovenska lokalizacia pre aplikaciu biteSMS.
BrFix (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Brazilian Regional Fixes.
Buufydia (ModMyi) - Russian translation Cydia theme using the Buuf icon set.
CallerID and Format Fix (iSpazio) - If you have trouble with Caller ID or Number Formatting. Fix for 185 of 231 countries.
CallerID Fix for 2.1 (iSpazio) - If you have trouble with CallerID or SMS because your country is unsupported.
CallerID Fix for 2.2 (iSpazio) - if you have trouble with CallerID or SMS because your country is unsupported.
Cydua in Espanol (iSpazio) -
Cydia in Italiano (iSpazio) - Translate Cydia in Italian
Digicel Carrier Bundle (ModMyi) - Digicel bundle use with Digicel.
Facebook Italian (iSpazio) - Italian translation for Facebook app.
Format Fix for 2.1 (iSpazio) - Fix for phone numbers not formatted because your country is not supported.
Format Fix for 2.2 (iSpazio) - Fix for phone numbers not formatted because your country is not supported.
iLog Cestina (ModMyi) - Ceska lokalizace pro aplikaciu iLog.
MySMS Cestina (ModMyi) - Ceska lokalizace pro aplikaci MySMS.
Nummerbord info NL (PwnCenter) - This is a webclip.
RuFix (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Russian Regional Fixes.
Skype Italian (iSpazio) - Italian translation for Skype App.
Todo Cestina (ModMyi) - Ukrainian locale fixes.
UaFix (H&D) - Ukrainian phone formats fix.
VietNam (ModMyi) - The application was designed for any traveler who wants to travel to Vietnam and need a city guide.


ActivateMMS2G (iSpazio) - Activate standard sms/mms app
biteSMS (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -
File2Mail (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - allows you to browse, search, filter and send multiple files on your iPhone to any email account.
iRealSMS 2.0 (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Full landscape professional SMS.
iRealSMS (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - real SMS app.
iTextUploader (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - The backup utility for you SMS!
MySMS (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Landscape SMS!
NibbleSMS (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - SMS app for iPod Touch only!
QuickBirthday (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - convenient notification for birthdays and events in quick app and lock screen.
QuickSMS (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - SMS client that runs inside SpringBoard eliminating the need to wait for the SMS app.
SMS2Mail (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - allows you to sort, organize, backup and send text messages on your iPhone to any email account.
SMSend (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - send SMS for free over the internet.
SMSTool (ModMyi) - enable iPhone users to search their messages.
SwirlyMMS (Ste Packaging) - Send and receive MMS's with your iPhone.
SwirlyMMS2 (Ste Packing) send and receive MMS's with your iPhone.
SwirlyMMSLangPack (Ste Packing) - Langauge pack required for SwirlyMMS
SwirlyMMS2LangPack (Ste Packing) -
Text Message Plus (iSpazio) - allows you to forward txt messages.
Treasuremytext (iSpazio) - Archive and backup your favorite SMS messages.
Unread SMS Fixer (iSpazio) - fix a "corrupt" SMS database on an iPhone which always shows an unread message count of 1 or more.
Xtra-Sender (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Send SMS using for free!


Oct 13, 2007
Feenix, Amizona

APMtv (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - With this app you can view all the "Alguna pregunta mes" episodes
AVPlayer (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Play your audio and video without a server
Bambuser (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Live video streaming to your iPhone
BoomBass (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A mobile beatbox for the iPhone
BoomBeat (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A mobile beatbox for the iPhone
BoomTechno (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A mobile beatbox for the iPhone
Borat SoundMaker (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A Borat Soundboard for iPhone
BossPrefs iTunesDB UPnPAVServer (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - This extension adds a toggle switch to BossPrefs app.
boxee-remote (ModMyi) - remote for boxee
ClearCam (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - take sharper 4MP photos
CompactTV (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - This app lets you watch FamilyGuy, Simpsons, South Park and American Dad episodes.
Congos (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Play Congos on your iPhone/iPod Touch
Cycorder (Telesphoreo) - Video recorder with real time compression.
dTunes (ModMyi) - is an iTunes equivalent for playing downloaded music files.
DVRMobile (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - formerly TiVO connect
FAAC (Telesphoreo) - open source library for MPEG-4 AAC
FAAD (Telesphoreo) - open sournce library for MPEG-4 AAC
Festival-Lite (Telesphoreo) - embedded text-to-speech library.
FFmpeg (Modmyi) - A port of the popular FFmpeg program.
Firefly Media Server (Telesphoreo) - the "best" for serving digital media.
FireFlyStarter (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A gui fronted to start FireFly Media Server.
Flixwagon (iSpazio) - Broadcast your life live from your iPhone to
Free Movies (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Download 100's of free known movies
Free SouthPark (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Watch every single episode of SouthPark.
GRiS (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Google reader iPhone sync - RSS client.
iAmerican Dad (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Watch episodes right on your iPhone
iBeats Rock (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Rock soundbox
iBeats Techno (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Techno soundbox
iComic (iSpazio) - zipped image viewer.
iDrums (iSpazio) - is a flexible and complete drum-machine.
iFamilyGuy (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - watch episodes free right on your iPhone
iFuturama Mobile (iSpazio) - Watch Episodes in Italian
iGriffin Mobile (iSpazio) - watch episodes in Italian
iHouse (BigBoss&Plaent-iphones) - watch episodes right on your iPhone
iHouse Mobile (iSpazio) - Watch episodes in Italian
ImageMagik (Telesphoreo) - image editing tool/library suite.
InstallerTele (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Watch & Dl movies & TV shows
Intelligentshare UPnPAV (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - This application turns your device into a multiformat network audio player.
iPhoneRantz Mobile (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Mobile version of
iPocketTV (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Watch the latest episodes of popular tv shows. App (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Watch movies on your iPhone or iPod Touch.
iPrisonBreak (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - wach episodes for free on your iPhone
iSimpsons (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - watch episodes for free on your iPhone
iSimpsons Mobile (iSpazio) watch episodes in Italian
iSmallville (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - watch episodes for free on your iPhone
iSouthPark Mobile (iSpazio) - watch episodes in Italian
iTouchloads Mobile (iSpazio) - mobile news and video reviews
iTunesDB UPnPAVServer (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - This app turns your device into a multiformat audio streaming server.
iTV (ispazio) - lets you watch episodes on you iPhone. Requires iMobileCinema.
iWatchIt (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Watch the Office & Futurama
iWatchIT Mobile (iSpazio) - For Italians only.
iWeeds (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - watch episodes for free on your iPhone
LAME (Telesphoreo) - open source (lgpl) mp3 encoder.
libid3tag (Telesphoreo) - ID3 tag manipulation library.
livecliq (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - LiveCLIQ live video streaming to the web.
Mobile Theatre (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - allows you to watch 1000's movies and tv series on your device.
Mobilecast (Ste Packaging) - download podcasts over the air.
Modplayer (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A mod player that supports a huge variety of formats.
MPlayer (ModMyi) - is a movie player which supports mpeg4, h.264, wmv, mp3, aac, wma, real media, and t-dmb formats.
Mrmr (Ste Packaging) - Mix audio & video.
MusicControls (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Controls for backgrounded programs
MxTube (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -
myCinema (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - watch movies for free on your iPhone
News Channel 24 (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Watch Ukraine news channel 24.


Oct 13, 2007
Feenix, Amizona
Ogg (Telesphoreo) - open multimedia container format
PhoneZap (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Zap it, Snap it, Share it! Send Goeotagged pictures.
PhotoArt WP Collection (ModMyi) - A collection of over 270 original PhotoArt wallpapers
Playtrack (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - is a binary that works via the command line to control your music.
png (Telesphoreo) - library for manipulating PNG files.
Pocket Touch (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - is a guesture based control scheme for MobileMusicPlayer that allows you to quickly and easily control your music player via swipes or gestures.
Pocket Touch Framework (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -
Podcaster (ModMyi) - Import all your podcasts from iTunes.
PodKill (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - small command line app to kill ipod on timer for those that want to a sleep function.
PPVideoEnabler (ModMyi) - a simple utility that enables upload of .mov files shot by Cycorder & iPhone videorecorder via pixelpipe1.3.
Pushr (Ste Packaging) - Upload pics to your Flickr account.
Pwn Player (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A full featured media player that aims to be a replacement for the stock media player.
Qik (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - enables live video streaming from your iPhone to the web.
RandomRing (iSpazio) - Randomize your ringtones.
RipTones (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - iPhone ringtone creator.
SB Starter iTunesDB UPnPAV (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - This application starts / stops the "Intelligentshare - iTunesDB UPnPAVServer" from the UI.
Scrobbl (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - 3.0 only
Scrobble (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Scrobble apps to as they are played on the iPhone.
Scrobbled (Ste Packaging) - Background Scrobbler for
Secret Rabbit Code (Telesphoreo) - a sample rate converter for audio.
Snapture (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - fully featured advanced camera app
SouthPark Mobile (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - you can watch full episodes on your iPhone.
SouthParkLite (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - view episodes of SouthPark online
SwapTunes (ModMyi) - Allows you to Sync with multiple iTunes libraries.
SyncStep (ModMyi) - automatically calculates how fast you're walking and plays song from your library that match your pace.
TIFF(Telesphoreo) - Tagged Image File Format library.
TiMidity++ (ModMyi) - command line MIDI to Wave converter.
TouchCast (Ste Packaging) - Audio and video podcast reader.
TuneWiki (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Next Generation Social Media Player.
tyTube (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Stream movies and shows right on your iPhone.
uHack (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - allows you to enjoy the benefits of an "elite member" free of charge!
Ustream Live Viewer (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Watch all of your favorite Ustream live shows.
ustreamBroadcaster (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - let's anyone with an iPhone broadcast to the web real-time video from anywhere.
uWatch (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - streaming and downloading movies in 20MB speed!
Video Recorder for 3G (ModMyi) - iPhone Video Recorder is a powerful iPhone oriented video recorder produced by Dreamcatcher.
vlc4iPhone (ZodTTD) - is a media player and built in internet radio tuner for the iPhone and iPod Touch based on VLC.
Volume Media Settings (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Volume slider for the media controls.
Vorbis (Telesphoreo) - Open audio compression format.
vWallpaper (iSpazio) - Forget black Springboard, add a video on it!
wavearsLE (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - is the ultimate 3D music player.
x264 (Telesphoreo) - open source implementation of x264
Yobo (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - is a music search and discovery tool.
yxcoder (BigBoss&Planet-iphones)- an mpeg4 video recorder for iPhone.
yxflash (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - is a video player for mobile devices.
Zijric Mobile (PwnCenter) - mobile version of


Oct 13, 2007
Feenix, Amizona

Automatic SSH (Telesphoreo) - continually reconnects an ssh session.
BIND DNS Server (Telesphoreo) - the standard DNS server used by millions.
B i t c h X (Telesphoreo) - incredibly common IRC attack client.
connect.c (Telesphoreo) - Very simple SOCKS and https proxy.
dict (Telesphoreo) - client for accessing online dictionaries.
dns2tcp (Telesphoreo) - TCP over DNS (enconfigured, just software)
Heirloom mailx (nail) (Telesphoreo) - Modern implementation of traditional mail.
iDNS (iSpazio) dynamic DNS update client for noIP, dynDNS and DNSOMatic
inetutils (Telesphoreo) - ftp, inetd, ping, rlogin, telnet, tftp
iPhoneModem by Addition (ModMyi) - Addition's iPhoneModem.
iPhoneModem zsrelay (ModMyi) - zsrelay is an extended port of srelay.
iProxy (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Secure web browser for iPhone.
IRCm (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - VERY BETA! Native IRC client for iPhone.
irssi (Telesphoreo) - supposedly advanced console IRC client.
iShare (Ste Packaging) - Share files through the sendspace service.
libdict (Telesphoreo) - backend library for dictionary servers
Libnet (Telesphoreo) - construct and inject network packages
libnids (Telesphoreo) - NIDS "E-component"; Linux 2.0.x IP Stack
libpcap (Telesphoreo) - low level network capture library
lighttpd (Telesphoreo) - very small, supposedly fast, webserver
links (Telesphoreo) - console web browser with mouse support
Lynx (Telesphoreo) - older, better, console web browser
mDNSResponder (Telesphoreo) - the normally bundled client programs.
MewSeek (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - is a native P2P Soulseek client that let's you search and download music for free.
MewSeekPro (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - live streaming and fast music download on the iPhone.
minicom (Telesphoreo) - serial communication software
MyFox (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A mobile safari replacement.
My TraceRoute (Telesphoreo) - Traceroute "on Steroids"
nail (Telesphoreo) - modern implementation of mail
ncftp (Telesphoreo) - the best client known to man
neon (Telesphoreo) - HTTP and WebDAV client library
Netatalk (Telesphoreo) - open-source ApplTalk implementation
netcat (Telesphoreo) - simple socket manipulation tool.
ngIRCd (Telesphoreo) - next generation IRC daemon.
ngrep (Telesphoreo) - filter network traffic by a filter
Nmap (Telesphoreo) - analyze and scan remote network hosts
OpenNTPD (Telesphoreo) - designed/specifically/ for OpenBSD
OpenSSH (Telesphoreo) - secure remote access between machines.
PdaNet (ModMyi) - Wifi router for iPhone.
pirni (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - native network sniffer and ARP spoofer.
rdesktop (Telesphoreo) - remotely access windows machines.
rsync (Telesphoreo) - synchronize files between computers.
Safari Download Plug-In (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - The download plugin for 1.1.x by hachu now updated for 2.0.
Safari Tab Closer (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - small utility that lets you quickly close all open tabs in Safari.
slirp (Telesphoreo) - PPP/SLIP-on-terminal emulator.
SOCKs Relay (Telesphoreo) - simple SOCKS 4/5 proxy server
Stumbler Plus (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Scan for wifi networks & gather info about them.
stunnel (Telesphoreo) - wraps connections with SSL support
TallCall (ModMyi) - allows you to make conference calls right from your iPhone with just a few clicks.
tcpdump (Telesphoreo) - dumps and stores network traffic
Tether (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - share your iPhones internet connection
Veency (Telesphoreo) - a VNC /server/ for the iPhone.
vsftpd (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - probably the most secure and fastest FTP.
Weechat (Telesphoreo) - light and extensive irc client
wget (Telesphoreo) - simple HTTP file transfer client
WhatIP (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A quick tool to display the current network (IP) address.
whois (Telesphoreo) - client for querying whois servers
3proxy (Telesphoreo) - tiny free proxy server


Oct 13, 2007
Feenix, Amizona

Aptitude (Telesphoreo) - Advanced command-line APT frontend
Itsy Packer (telesphoreo) - lightweight package management system
RubyGems (Telesphoreo) - standard ruby package manager
Setup Tools (Telesphoreo) - Package manager for Python modules


A SwagBucks Premium (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -
BetterPrice (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - For China only!
Betty's Cookbook (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A nice cookbook with 24 recipes and pictures.
Book Reader (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - HTML BookReader for iPhone OS 2.0.
Collaborative Whiteboard (BigBoss&Planet-iphone) - allows 2 iPhones or iPod Touch devices to draw pictures together over Wifi.
Discover (ModMyi) - Free iPhone app that allows you to transfer files from any computer or iPhone to you own iPhone via Wifi.
Docs (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - PDF, word, excel, powerpoint and more...
EasyWakeup Full (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - First iPhone application which can help to awake easier.
EasyWakeup Lite (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Free version.
eBook (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - eBook reader for iPhone.
FerryCombo (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Tip calculator written in French.
FileViewer (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Simple app to read local files, incl pdf, html and images.
HPCalc (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - a all in one solution (HP11C, HP12C, HP15C and HP16C all contained in a single app, click on the HP logo to switch calculator).
HWPlanner (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A Homework planner that adds events to your calander for reminders!
MemTool (iSpazio) - The best task manager for the iPhone.
MyHtml (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - is a nice HTML editor that runs on the iPhone.
MyWeek (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Get a week's glance of your calendar at once.
onTop (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - web browser with a built in notepad.
Producteev (ModMyi) - Group task managmenet app.
Prospector (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - An advanced web browswer for iPhone
Quake Monitor (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A little tool that updates earthquakes from around the world in real time.
RemindYou (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Never miss another appointment! Displays your daily outlook or Calander events every time you pick up your phone.
Shiver (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Java based text editor.
StudyArcade (ModMyi) - Flashcard app.
Swagbucks (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - allows you to search google
& earn digital dollars
Swagbucks Pro (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - have swagbucks on the go
TalkMe (iSpazio) - Adds text to speech to your iPhone.
textReader (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - App for viewing large text and Palm Doc .pdb eBook files.
Voicemail Forwarder (Telesphoreo) - forward voicemails to email
WebSearch (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Customizeable web search program.
Wikisrvd (iSpazio) - A dirty hack for the backend of Wiki2touch.

Repositories - Le Repository
A-steroids Studio - The sky is falling (Underworld)
BigBoss' Source - BigBoss's APT repository.
comcute's Source - Estonian Langauge support packages
CZ&ZK iPhone & iPod touch - Czech/Slovanian langauge support packages - Easywakeup master repository.
FreeCoder's Source - iCosta Master Repository.
GrekRepo - La seconda repo italiana dopo iSpazio.
Hack& - Hack&Dev team offical repository.
Hack&Dev Team Testing - H&D Testing (Unstable and buggy) packaging.
Hackers Dot NL - Belgian and Dutch Support. -
HowettNET - Dustin L Howetts repo
HVKLS - Andre Berger's repository.'s Source - polish langauge support packages.
iAcces's Source - iAcces Master Repository.
iClarified - The iClarified repository.
iFoneguide - Dutch langauge support packages.
iFon Norway - Norwegian langauge support packages.
iFoneguide - Dutch langauge support packages.
iFoneTec's Source - MivTones Master Repository - Master repository.
iPhone Islams Source - Arabic langauge support packages.'s Source - Germanic langauge support packages
iphone-Patch's Source - Bulgarian langauge support packages.
iPhoneCake - iPhone 2.0 App Source primarily for Chinese users.
iPhoneCat Team - Catalan langauge support packages.
iPhoneHE's Sources - Hebrew langauge support packages.
iPhoneMod Brazil - Brazilian langauge support packages.
iPhoneModding - iPhoneModding theme repo.
iPuhelin - Scandinavian langauge support packages.
iSpazio - -'s APT repository.
MacCiti - collection of Winterboard themes.
miPhone - iPhone themes and mods - Mini vMac Master Repository.
Nik's Sources - Nik S Denin's iPhone Projects
Ranbee - digital content for iPhone and iPod Touch.
Rich Creations's Source - Repository for Fortune Files.
RipDev - Russian iPhone Development (Icy)
RupertGee - Source of themes and more!
SaladSofts's Source - Piano Chord Dictionary Master Source. - First automated repository in the world!
SOSiPhone - French langauge support packages.
Ste Packaging - The first iPhone/iPod Touch repository.
Steffwiz's Sources - Randome Themes & Things.
Telesphoreo Tangelo - Distribution of Unix Software for iPhoneOS.
Touch-Mania - Packages from Gemany and stuff.
Urban Fanatics's Source - ScummVM Master Repository.
Winterboarder - where art meets iPhone.
Zankills (PwnCenter) - Repo has joined PwnCenter.
ZodTTD - public repo.
Zuijlen - APT repo.


Oct 13, 2007
Feenix, Amizona
SBSettings Addon

Autocorrection SBSettings (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - auto correction toggle for SBSettings app.
Autolock SBSettings (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Working autolock toggle for SBSettings app.
Calculator Widget (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - SBSettings calculator widget.
Close Button Widget (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - SBSettings close button for those with broken home buttons.
HapticPro SBSettings Toggle (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - SBSettings for HapticPro.
Insomnia Toggle (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - toggle for SBSettings.
iPod Widget (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - iPod play / pause toggle.
Safari Download Toggle (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Safari download toggle
SBSettings AnkiMini (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - toggle for Anki mini
SBSettings Scrobble Toggle (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - scrobble toggle
SBSettings Volume MC (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Volume media controls
SBSettings ultraSn0w Toggle (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - (effective after reboot)
SBSettings YellowSn0w Toggle (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - (effective after reboot)
Syslog Toggle (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -
UserAgent Faker (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Makes websites thnk you are using a real browser
Vibrate Toggle SBSettings (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -
Volume Slider Widget (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -


GNU (Telesphoreo) - Cryptography - LGPL cryptographic algorithm library
GnuPG 2 (Telesphoreo) - newer encryption compatiable with OpenPGP
GnuPG Errors (Telesphoreo) - GnuPG's error management library
GnuTLS (Telesphoreo) - free software alternative to OpenSSL
iWipe (Telesphoreo) - utility to zero free space on the iPhone
Kerberos (Telesphoreo) - giant authentication system from hell ;P
KSBA (Telesphoreo) - GnuPG's certification management library
Metasploit (Telesphoreo) - development platform for creating security tools & exploits.
Stealth MAC (Telesphoreo) - set arbitrary wireless mac address on boot
VFDecrypt (Telesphoreo) - decryption utility for iPhone images


iPhone/Python (Telesphoreo) - example applications (with source) in Python
m4 Processor (Telesphoreo) - arcane macro processing engine
PyObjC (Telesphoreo) - Python/Objective-C connection library
Python (Telesphoreo) - architectural programming langauge
Ruby (Telesphoreo) - optimized for developer happiness
SpiderMonkey (Telesphoreo) - Mozilla's Javascript implementation (Telesphoreo) - iphone-specific PyObjC extensions


Oct 13, 2007
Feenix, Amizona

AptBackup (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Backup and restore your cydia apps.
Backgrounder (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - run applications in the background.
BossPrefs (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Services / Settings app replacement
BossTool (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Move hard disk space around to allow installs.
Categories (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Move your Springboard icons into folders!
Clippy (iSpazio) - System-wide clipboard for iPhone.
Clippy Delete (iSpazio) -
Clippy Dial (iSpazio) -
Clippy Preview (iSpazio) -
Clippy SBSettings Toggle (iSpazio) -
Clippy Scroll (iSpazio) -
Clippy Search (iSpazio) -
Colemak Keyboard (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Colemak keyboard layout.
CToggle (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Simple toggle switch that can disable and enable auto correction.
Dock (Ste Packaging) - Quick app switching.
Extended Preferences (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Offers extended preferences to the
FontSwap (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Swap your system fonts!
FontSwap Starter (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - starter pack for Font Swap app
FWChanger (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Fakes out the FW version for apps.
gettext (Telesphoreo) - internationalization helper for strings
gTxtEdit (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A 2.0 Text editor.
HapticPro (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Customizable haptic feedback for the keyboard, buttons and more!
hClipboard (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - global copy & paste for iPhone
Hunspell (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Provides spell checking at the command line
iBluetooth (iSpazio) - first app that enables the file transfer via BT
iFile (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A file manager and viewer.
iKeyEx (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - MobileSubstrate based keyboard extension framework for the iPhone OS
Inspell (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - adds a spell checker to input fields
iPhoneTool (iSpazio) - auto airplane mode
iPhoneus (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - New streaming site
LiveTime (iSpazio) - Animates clock application icon on the SpringBoard.
Lock Calendar (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Display upcoming calendar entries on your lock screen.
Lockdown (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Password protect your applications with Lockdown.
LogMailer (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Send syslog reports to developers quickly.
LogoMe (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - change the boot logo on the iPhone without having to rejailbreak or restore.
MobileFinder (Telesphoreo) - file management (mostly works).
mQuickDo (iSpazio) - Virtual home and power buttons for the iPhone
mQuickDo (OS3.0) (iSpazio) -
NemusSync (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Sync Google calander with iPhone Calander.
PowerTool (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Reboot, respring your iPhone with ease.
PushMod (ModMyi) - gives you the option to choose 1 min push time to your mailbox.
QuickGold (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Fast keyboard based launcher.
QuickLoad (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - an app loader for 2.1.
QuickShottr (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - 3.0+ only. Soon as you take a screenshot of your iPhone screen. QS uploads it directly to ImageShack.
Rotation Inhibitor (iSpazio) - Allows interface rotation from SBSettings.
SBSettings (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Move common toggles directly into springboard.
SkrewCommon (iSpazio) - Library for vWallpaper/vRingtones.
SpringJumps (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Quicly jump to different springboard pages.
Stack (Ste Packaging) - Bringing "Stacks" to the iPhone OS.
Supreme Preferences Three (ModMyi) - Over 100 new feature for iPhone & iPod Touch.
swapBT (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - One button bluetooth toggle.
SweetTooth (Modmyi) - The worlds first iPhone Bluetooth Stumbler by Schmave - more features to come.
SysinfoPlus (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Shows various information and system status.
Syslog Remover (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Removes the syslog & gives you the size of the log in bytes before it deletes it.
TapDial (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Allows you to quick dial one-tap icons to your springboard.
TVOut (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Display any application on your TV.
UUID Generator (Telesphoreo) - universally unique Idenifiers
Vibrus (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Vibrate keyboard when keys are pressed.
VOIPover3G (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - MobileSubstrate library that tricks the apps into thinking they are on Wifi even though they are on 3G/edge/GPRS.
WbApp (ModMyi) - Provides a theme preview for EVERY Summerboard or Winterboard you have installed and for EVERY new theme you install. It also provides a different approach to configuring your theme by using toggle switches.
WifiToggle (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A fast WifiToggle for the springboard.
Winterboard (Telesphoreo) - more powerful, open source SummerBoard replacement.
Winterboard Settings (ModMyi) - Settings for Winterboard
3G Fuzzyband Downgrader (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Baseband 2.28 downgrade. A safer way to downgrade your 3G baseband.
20 Second Lock Screen (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Makes the lock screen stay on for 20 seconds.


Oct 13, 2007
Feenix, Amizona
Terminal Support

Midnight Commander (Telesphoreo) - portable console file manager
MobileTerminal (Telesphoreo) - local UIKit-based Terminal emulator
Screen (Telesphoreo) - multiplexes a terminal into many
TENEX C Shell (Telesphoreo) - enhanced version of BSD C Shell
Z Shell (Telesphoreo) - a shell with interactive features

Text Editors

ed (Telesphoreo) - the standard text editor, 'nuff said
mg (Modmyi) - Microscopic GNU Emacs-style editor.
nano (Telesphoreo) - completely free, modern clone of Pico
New Vi (Telesphoreo) - aging re-implementation of vi
VBinDiff (Telesphoreo) - hex editor and differencing tool
Vi IMproved (Telesphoreo) - the best syntax highlighter, ever


A Micheal Jackson SoundBoard (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - 3.0+ only
ADave Chappelle SoundBoard (BigBoss&Plaent-iphones) -
AFamily Guy SoundMaker (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -
Air Horn (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A fun airhorn toy.
Am I Rich (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A clone of the appstore app. but it's free.
AVideoGame SountBoard (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -
Awesome Quiz (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Test your abilities in the fun/hard quiz
Bluetooth (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A toy that pretends to be a built-in app.
Bluff My Call (ModMyi) - lets you spoof your caller ID
Bob Saget Sound (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -
Carlos Mencia Soundmaker (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -
CompassF (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Fake compass app from the 3GS.
Cool Hwip Soundboard (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Family Guy cool hwip SB
Cracked Screen (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Simulate a cracked screen on your iPod or iPhone.
Danny Sound board (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - SB for Danny the Tourette's Guy
Diry Harry (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - An app for all dirty Harry fans!
DoughBoy (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - toy that makes the doughboy laugh
Duke Nukem SB (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Voice taunts & sounds
Easy Button (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - The staples easy button on your iPhone.
Eat My i (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Eat your iPhone whenever you want
FunHelloWorld (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - app with its own customization and soundtrack.
Gong (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - turn your iPhone into a gong!
Harold & Kumar (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Soundboard app
iBoot (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - reboot your device if you dare hit the red button.
iBroke (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - plays a joke on someone who wants to use your iPhone or iPod Touch
iCheat (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Modifies iCopter & iCave scores.
iElmo (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Tickle me Elmo
iInterrupt Lite (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Stop your annoying friends mid sentence
iLOL (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Ever need a quick ice breaker?
iMood (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Show a large scrolling message to someone in the same room
iPoke Pete (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Poke Peter Griffin to make him laugh
iPowerHour (ModMyi) - brings a drinking game to your iPhone.
iShoop (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - this is a Shoop da woop button
iSmash (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - select a photo & break it like glass
iSpoof (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - change your CallerID, voice, record phone calls, skip stright to voicemail and more with this simple app.
Jokes (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Jokes app with iNorris, i Bauer, women jokes etc.
Jokes Complete (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - all jokes packs installed at once.
L33tTyper (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Auto tansliterate Latin alphabet to leet.
Maddox Reader (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Maddox website reader.
Makrout (iSpazio) - Pillars of islam app
Massage (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Make your iPhone vibrate. Be good.
MathTyper (BigBoass&Planet-iphones) - Keyboard extension for typing mathematic symbols easily.
Me So Holy (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Put your face within a religious figure
MyPootz (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A very funny fart machine.
Poke Obama (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Poke Obama & hear his famous phrase
Poke Osama (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Poke Osama & watch his reaction
Poke Quagmire (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Poke Quagmire from Family Guy
Poke the Hillbilly (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -
Prank Call (ModMyi) -
Profanity Censor (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Never have to say a bad word again
Rick Rollr (ModMyi) - Rick Roll your friends!
Shadow Warriors SB (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Voice and taunts
Shoop da Whoop (iSpazio) - A shoop da whoop button for iPhone
Sound Box (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - a smart funny app.
Soundbox Extra Package (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Extra contents for Soundbox.
Southpark SB (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - with many great sounds
SpoofApp (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Voice changer, Call Recording, and caller ID spoofing.
SteveJobsVoicer (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Tap the pictures to hear funny quotes from Steve Jobs.
TG SoundBoard (ModMyi) - tourettes guy SB
Thai Bank (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - links for internet banking
Thats What She Said (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -
They Took Our Jobs (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - South Park SB
TiVoRemote (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Control your TiVoHD and Series 3 TiVo with your iPhone/iPod Touch
Vista (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A port of Erica Sadun's Vista to 2.x.
Yes or No (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Randomly generates yes or no responses.
Youtube SB (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -


Oct 13, 2007
Feenix, Amizona

APN Editing (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Enable APN settings.
AT&T Carrier Logo (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Better carrier logo for AT&T USA.
attachment= for mailto: (Telesphoreo) - send attachments using filenames in URL's.
Backward Compatibility (Telesphoreo) - smooths iPhoneOS 2.x transitions.
Battery Percentage (PwnCenter) - For use with Winterboard
BlankNull (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Makes nameless bookmark icons
Cyntact (Telesphoreo) - show profile pictures in contacts list
Emoji (iSpazio) - Enable japanese Emoji on your iPhone.
file:// Schema in Safari (Telesphoreo) - allow MobileSafari to browse local files.
FindInPage (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Adds a "find in page" bookmark to safari.
Five Dock Rows (PwnCenter) - An update to FiveRows
Five Icon Dock (Telesphoreo) - fits even more stuff right down there.
Five Column SpringBoard (Ste Packing) - Adds 5th column to SB
Fix Safari Cookies (PwnCenter) -
GPS Serial (ModMyi) - allow use of external GPS in any app store apps.
ImaSafari (iSpazio) - This tweak adds a toggle to to enable or disable display of images in Safari.
MMP Flip (iSpazio) - For iPod Touch only! changes music and video icons into just one icon like the iPhone
MobileMusicPlayer Flip (ModMyi) - for iPod Touch users. Gives you an iPod icon on your homescreen instead of a music icon and videos icon.
Net.-Local Number Format (Telesphoreo) - fix phone numbers for roaming and locales.
NoAA (Ste Packing) - Removes album art on the lockscreen.
Optus Logos/GPRS Fix (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - replacement logo's for Aussie Telc
Optus/Virgin GPRS Fix (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -
Portugal Vodafone WAP (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - WAP plan for Vodafone Portugal.
Quick Dismiss (ModMyi) - Allows users to tap the menu/home button to dismiss alerts
Reflective Dock (ModMyi) - Creates a live reflection of the dock icons
Sleep to Lock (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Changes sleep button behavior
Song RingTones on iPod 1G (PwnCenter) - Have song ringtones on your iPod touch 1G!
Supreme Preferences (ModMyi) - gives you a lot of tweaks in your Settings app
Supreme Preferences iPod touch (ModMyi) - iPod touch version
syslogd to /var/log/syslog (Telesphoreo) - a very useful failure debugging aid.
T-Mobile US - Postpaid/Flexpaid (ModMyi) - enables MMS, internet & tethering.
T-Mobile US - Postpaid/Flexpaid (ModMyi) - for blackberry plans
T-Mobile US - Postpaid/Flexpaid (ModMyi) - for SideKick plans
T-Mobile US - Prepaid (ModMyi) -
enables MMS, internet & tethering.
T-Mobile US - Prepaid Sidekick (ModMyi) - sidekick support
T-Mobile US Carrier (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Carrier bundle for Tmobile US.
T-Mobile US Carrier (Internet2 APN) (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Carrier bundle for Tmobile US.
Telstra Logos (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Replacement logo's for Aussie Telc.
TMobile Carrier Logos (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Better carrier logo for Tmobile USA.
Tricker ThreeG (ModMyi) - Want to use Slingplayer on 3G and not just WiFi
Uninstall Street View Tweak (PwnCenter) - For iPod Touch only!
Virgin AU Carrier support (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Virgin mobile logos/carrier settings for iPhone.
Vodafone AU GPRS Fix (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Vodafone AU GPRS fix.
Vodafone Logos (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Replacement logos for Aussie's Telecom.
Vodafone NZ GPRS FIX (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -
Volume Boost (ModMyi) - 3.0 volume boost.
WAP Proxy Hack for Isreal (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -Proxy based internet over isreal's WAP Orange and Cellcom Networks.
WeatherIcon (Modmyi) - Puts live weather info on top of the weather icon.
WebViewController (ModMyi) - Adds URL handling to custom Preferences
Wigglefree (Ste Packing) - Makes your icons wiggle free.


Oct 13, 2007
Feenix, Amizona

ABGrouper (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Create, Manage & delete groups of contacts
AdBlock (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - blocks ads in Safari
AppBackup (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Backup and restore App Store apps.
Appflow (ModMyi) -An application launcher using Cover Flow
AppLinks (iSpazio) - creates shortcuts for all AppStore apps
Aspell (Telesphoreo) - command line spell check engine
aTimeTool (Telesphoreo) - auto start or close airplane mode, power, wifi. BT etc
ATLAS.Sid (iSpazio) - Lite online navigator for iPhone
basic-cmds (Telesphoreo) - msg,uudecode,uudencode, write
bc (Telesphoreo) - arbitrary precision console calculator
Binary Calc (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A calculator that shows display in base 2 (binary) as well as base 10 (decimal) at the same time.
Birthdays (H&D) - don't miss your friends birthdays anymore!
BootNeuter (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Official Dev Team unlocker for 2.0 firmware 2g iPhones.
BossPrefs (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Services / Settings app replacement. Combines all settings apps with a dock launcher to clean up your springboard . Hide icons, respring, reboot. Create your own toggles.
Calico (iSpazio) - A complete guide for Italian Soccer.
Call Counter (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - this app counts duration of calls.
CallClear (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - clear any call one by one
CallController (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Built in accelorometer to control your calls
CallMe (iSpazio) - is an app that allows you to add on touch dial icons to the SB.
Chronus (ModMyi) - Successor of TimeCapsule
Clear All SMS (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Provides a 1 touch option to deleting all SMS Messages. Warning: Launching this app will permanently delete all of your SMS messages.
Colorado Snow Report (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - The app provides you with the Colorado Snow report.
Contact Xfer (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Transfer individual address book entries between phones on the same network.
ContactFlow (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - View your contacts in cover flow
CopiercIN (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Copy and Paste on you iPhone!
CopyMachine (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Copy files from one directory to another.
Customize (Ste Packaging) - Customize the look of your iPhone!
Cylay (ModMyi) - Protect your private info, track your lost iPhone and back up data remotely.
Cylay 3.0 (ModMyi) - for 3.0
EasyLoan (ModMyi) - Simple easy to use loan payment calculator.
Emoji Toggle (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - toggle to enable/disable emoji
Enhanced CTorrent (ModMyi) - A bittorrent command-line client.
EPG.Sid (iSpazio) - Italian Tv guide
Erase Contacts (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Lets you erase your contacts with one touch. WARNING: Launching this app permanently delete all your contacts.
Ericas Utilities (ModMyi) - A collection of command-line utilities for various purposes.
Exchange Unlock (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Kills exchanges req for passcode
EZtalk (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - make calls to local, regional and foreign phones
file (Telesphoreo) - guesses the type of a file from contents.
file-cmds (Telesphoreo) - chflags, compress, ipcrm, ipcs, pax.
Findmyi (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - GPS Tracking for lost iPhones, and family - runs in background.
Flashlight (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Flashlight app.
Formula 1 (iSpazio) - A complete Formula 1 guide.
Freemoji (ModMyi) - enabler for iPhone 2.2 & later
Freepops (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - An extensible mail proxy.
FWViewer (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - View your firmware version quickly and easily.
Gawk (Telesphoreo) - GNU's heavy weight implementation of awk
gLauncher (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A simple applications launcher for 2.0.
GooerRDP (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - one click remote control of PC's
gUICache (Ste Packaging) - Graphical front end for uicache.
HandBall 09 (iSpazio) - A guide of the Handball Wm 09.
iBirthdays (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - helps you remember birthdays
iBlacklist (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - the best call blocker and sms selector available for the iPhone.
iBlank (ModMyi) - will let you create an unlimited amount of blank, transparent and completely invisible icons.
iChan (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Dramatic sounds App.
iComing (iSpazio) - allows you to be alerted when you are reaching a target location.
iComing Status Bar (iSpazio) - notification for iComing
iCommander (H&D) - Minimalistic file manager for iPhone.
iConference (ModMyi) - allows users to make ad hoc conferences anywhere in the world
iFoot (iSpazio) - A complete French Footbal guide.
iFormule1 (iSpazio) - French guide
iFrance (iSpazio) -
iLocalis (ModMyi) - Remote control and localization for your iPhone.
iLocalis Daemon (ModMyi) - Remote control and localization for your iPhone.
iLocator (iSpazio) - This little utility for amateur radio uses gps, gsm cell or wifi to find the grid locator of your position.
ImageBlock (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - blocks outgoing HTML & images in email
Insomnia (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - allows applications to continue to run and WiFi to work long after the screen has been switched off.
iPixel (iSpazio) - helps you discover bad pixels on your iPhone/iPod Touch.
iPoints (Ste Packaging) - Calculate Weight Watchers points.
iReboot (ModMyi) - easily reboot and respring your iPhone via a GUI.
iReviews (ModMyi) - mobile version of
iSmart Dialer (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) -
iTalk (ModMyi) - the best SiP client on iPhone.
jPhone (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Multi search and misc tool.


Oct 13, 2007
Feenix, Amizona
KeepAlive (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - easy logging into JCT_Dorms
KeyVib (iSpazio) - One click on the icon to set a vibration on your keyboard.
Kill Exchange Lock (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Nifty utility that lets you remove the phone passcode lock requirement for exchange.
KillMe (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - allows you to type in the name of an app to stop it's process and save battery life! Note* Only useful on JB apps because app store apps quite all processes after you hit the home button.
KillSB (ModMyi) - is a utility to restart your SpringBoard by one touch.
Launcher (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A simple applications launcher.
less (Telesphoreo) - provides less info than more does
Locatable (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Extend the iPhone's GPS capabilities to any website through the standard browser!
LockDockBar (ModMyi) - Dock bar on lock screen.
Lottery (iSpazio) - Generate 6 randome numbers for the lottery.
MacSergery Preferences (iSpazio) - Custom Preferences
macSpoof Script (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Spoof your MAC address easily
mAdvLock (iSpazio) - lock your apps and files with a password.
MailSearch (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Searches downloaded emails in any/all mailboxes for a particular string.
Make it Mine (ModMyi) - Change your carrier name to whatever you'd like.
MCallShow (iSpazio) - is a callinfo enhancer to show the location data of the incoming/outgoing call and call log.
MCleaner (iSpazio) - is a iPhone call and SMS filter.
mCoolPhone (iSpazio) - shake to answer call, flip over to hangup
MiFilters (ModMyi) - Filters annoying calls & SMS
MiVTones (ModMyi) - formerly known as Videostone.
MiVideoTones for OS 3.0 (ModMyi) - for 3.0 only
Mobile Gate (iSpazio) - create black/white lists for incoming calls
Mobile Hook (iSpazio) - SB extension for iXtension
MobileID (ModMyi) - transformer mobile phones into one time password token devices
MobileLog (iSpazio) - Recent call & SMS manager for iPhone
MoonPhase (ModMyi) - displays the current phase of the moon.
mSecret (iSpazio) - is a perfect assistant for secure and convenient information managing.
MxBackup (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - backup MXTube videos
MyBattery (ModMyi) - is a simple toy that shows detailed info on your battery level.
MyEdicola (iSpazio) - allows you to have all the newspapers & news sites
Navizon (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - jailbreak version of Navizon wifi
Notifier (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - adds taskbar notifications to your statusbar
OfflineMaps (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Switching your offline google maps.
OutSource (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Cydia app catalog
Pixel Checker (iSpazio) - Check your damged pixels and try to fix them with a double tap on the screen.
pkgBackup (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - allows you back up & restore all the cydia packages on your iPhone
Poof (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Hides icons! Unhide icons! Get some of those icons off your springboard that you do not want to see.
PSPApp (ModMyi) - lets u read all the news & comments on
Pysl (2.0b2) (iSpazio) - Call and SMS filtering tool for iPhone. Secure your private messages and stay relaxed!
QuickBoard (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - powerful platform for quick apps
QuickLock (ModMyi) - Lock screen quickly from SB
QuickUnlock (ModMyi) - Triple home button clicks from lockscreen and iPhone unlocks for 10 seconds.
RemoteNote (iSpazio) - Keep up to date with Notes & Task todo's
Respring (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - This performs a fast, non-locking restart of your springboard.
Retina-X (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - silently record SMS messages, GPS locations and info about each call
Ringtone Shuffler (Ste Packing) - shuffle ringtones quickly & easily
rlwrap (Telesphoreo) - provides readline to anything
rpl (Telesphoreo) - replace strings with files.
ruBooks (ZodTTD) - from ZodTTD.
Russian Traffic Jams (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Russian traffic jams on your iPhone.
Safari Addon Plugins (iSpazio) - This package adds a lot of new features in Safari through you Bookmarks.
ScreenSplitr (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Share your iPhone screen on a tv or a computer.
Search (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - through your mail, SMS, notes and contacts on your iPhone.
Searcher (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - you can search your iPhone's SMS, Contacts, Notes, Events, Safari, Bookmarks and History.
SendSMS (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - this is a command line utility to send SMS from your iPhone.
Serials (ModMyi) - Reader for Serial box database
Siax (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - VOIP app for your iPhone
Siphon (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - SIP VOIP for iPhone and iPod Touch.
Sleep (ModMyi) - This app wil make you iPhone respring after a configureable period of time.
SMSCounter (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - see the amount of SMS within selected period
SMSNotify (Ste Packaging) - Missed SMS & Voicemail reminder.
SoccerGuide (iSpazio) - A soccer guide app featuring the German league and the Premier League.
SpoofMAC (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - is an app that will spoof your MAC address in one click. Enabling you to connect to some networks with MAC address filters!
SpringBack (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - backup & restore your entire Home screen
StatusNotifier (ModMyi) - Email, SMS, call, voicemail notification in status bar.
Street View Enabler (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Enables street view for you iPod touch running FW 2.2.
structured Grep (Telesphoreo) - search patterned data using patterns.
SwapCamera Roll (ModMyi) - Allows to have two camera roll folder by switching between each other at one time. Use if you want to separate different picture taking event or to hide what you got in your camera folder from others.
SwapMode (iSpazio) -
TheZip (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - lets you point out a zip and either zip or unzip it.
Toggle SSH (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - SSH toggler for 2.0
ToneFXs (Ste Packaging) - Shuffle ringtones & customize sound effects.
Torrentula (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - GUI based bittorrent client
TrackIt (iSpazio) - Track shipments on your iPhone
Twidget (iSpazio) - lockscreen widget for checking twitter feeds
UIKit Tools (Telesphoreo) - command line access to Apples UIKit.
Utah Snow Report (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - This app provides you with the Utah Snow report.
Vibrus 3G (ZodTTD) - tactile feedback for you iPhone
WildEyes! (ModMyi) - is a file viewer/reader.
xml2 (Telesphoreo) - simple tools to help grep xml
123Spoof (Modmyi) - lets you spoof your caller ID


Oct 13, 2007
Feenix, Amizona

(iSpazio) - A demo app that shows the iWebKit functionalities.


Alien Lockscreen Clock ( - Alien Lockscreen Clock widget.
Black Glow Clock ( - Black Glow Clock widget.
Brown Lockscreen Clock ( - Brown Lockscreen Clock widget.
Chrono Lockscreen Clock ( - Lockscreen clock widget.
Chronomatic Lock Clock ( - Chronomatic Lock Clock widget.
Clear Lockscreen Clock ( - Clear Lockscreen Clock widget.
Famous Quotes Widget (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - Entertain yourself and your friends with famous quotations everytime you goto your lockscreen.
Glossy Lockscreen Clock ( - glossy lockscreen widget.
MacWall Lockscreen Clock ( - Lockscreen clock widget with MAC wallpaper as background.
Notifier Widget (BigBoss&Planet-iphones) - A lockscreen widget for Winterboard that displays status messages if you have any new SMS, Missed call, MMS, email, calander event, or news. Requires Status Notifier to be installed.
Orange Lockscreen Clock ( - orange lockscreen clock widget.
Red Lockscreen Clock ( - Red Lockscreen Clock Widget.
Retro Apple Clock ( - retro app clock widget.
SnowFall Widget ( - Beautiful SnowFall Widget.
Square Lockscreen Clock ( - square lockscreen clock widget.

X Window System

Input (Prototypes) (Telesphoreo) - prototypes for X's input layer
Inter-Client Exchange (Telesphoreo) - X's inter-client exchange library
kbproto (Telesphoreo) - prototypes of X's keyboard layer
pthread-stubs (Telesphoreo) - fills in missing pthread prototypes
Session Management (Telesphoreo) - session management library for X
x11 (Telesphoreo) - core library used by X applications
xau (Telesphoreo) - X authentication protocol library
xcb (Telesphoreo) - smaller, faster X protocol library
xcb-proto (Telesphoreo) - prototypes for X client library
xext (Telesphoreo) - helper library for X extensions
xextproto (Telesphoreo) - the original desktop sypware
xi (Telesphoreo) - X input extension library
xineramaproto (Telesphoreo) - prototypes for Xinerama library
xmu (Telesphoreo) - miscellaneous X utility library
xproto (Telesphoreo) - prototypes for core X libraries
xt (Telesphoreo) - X toolkit intrinsics library
xtrans (Telesphoreo) - X transport abstraction library


New Member
Aug 11, 2007
Old thread deleted and new thread stuck. Looking good.
Jan 16, 2009
hey I have heard about a Safari Addon Plugin that is suppose to be on cydia but I looked for it and didn't see it. Does anybody know if they pulled it? Some of the features that it has sounded pretty cool