Cydia APT upgrade problem..

Hello Everyone!

I just recently had to perform a restore (v2.2) on my iPhone3G. Everything went smooth, I even JB using quickpwn(v2.2). Once I opened Cydia, it showed me 4 essential upgrades, so I selected to upgrade and it said downloading APT but the blue bar didn't move and after a few minutes of waiting I got the same pop-up saying "essential upgrades ..." and after selecting essential upgrades (yet again)..I got back to the black screen with an option to select "Return to Cydia".

I have tried different Wifi but the problem remains and I can't perform a successful upgrade..

Any help and suggestion is appreciated! Thank you all for your time!

PS: sorry if there is another post with the same issue but I tried to look for it couldn't find it because "APT" is not included in the search by default.