Cydia isn't show updated tweaks & some are missing?

Discussion in 'iPhone Jailbreak' started by bitemyapple, Feb 25, 2014.

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    I updated my 5s to 7.0.6 then used the latest evasi0n to jailbreak.

    For some reason Cydia is missing tweaks and some aren't updated. For example at first OpenSSH wasn't even listed. I did a restore back to 7.0.6 and JB again. OpenSSH is now there but others are still gone. Also, I installed CydiaSubstrate, but it's version 0.9.5000. The latest update, 0.9.5001 isn't showing? I restored my phone twice to stock settings and jailbroke them again each time. My iPad seems to be showing all the correct and latest Cydia tweaks. What the heck is going on? I downloaded the free iCleaner and tried using that, I also selected Cydia sources to wipe and still nothing.

    And now all my repos are empty, screenshots below.? I clicked on manage>sources> for example and it's empty, no tweaks at all, the same with the other repos. Lol, this is nuts, I've restored and jailbroke my 5s 4 times already today trying to fix this. Soon as I update to 7.0.6 I have issues, I've never ran into a problem with Cydia before with 7.0.4. My iPad on 7.0.6 w/ jailbreak is working fine though and shows all the updated tweaks/repos/apps. I guess when I get home I'll have to restore back to 7.0.6 and then use Evasi0n again.

    image (1).jpg image.jpg

    Edit: This seemed to work for now:
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    Sometimes all it needs is a simple "Refresh" (top left corner)in the changes section.....:D

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