Cydia not opening - I've tried everything

Discussion in 'Jailbreak Archives' started by wildonrio, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. wildonrio

    wildonrio New Member

    When I click Cydia it just opens and crashes instantly. I know that the fix for this lies in deleting all the files out of the "lists" directory on my phone. The problem is accessing that directory.

    -I don't have SSH installed, and can't install it without Cydia (as far as I know).
    -iphoneBrowser lets you access the file system without SSH, but is not compatible with blackra1n jailbreaks.
    -I don't have iFile installed, and can't without Cydia working.
    -Rejailbreaking the phone doesn't fix it.

    I know the real solution here is to restore and jailbreak again, but I'd rather not. Is there any other way to access the directory structure of the phone without SSH?
  2. DocRawk

    DocRawk New Member

    If you've still got Blackrain on your iPhone, you can use it to install When you start Rock, it'll give you access to ssh or ifile. It may even fix Cydia for you. I've had a similar problem with Cydia before, and deleting the files from the lists directory doesn't always fix it. Rock has caught the errors in Cydia and repaired them for me in the past.
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  4. wildonrio

    wildonrio New Member

    Dang, I uninstalled that blackra1n icon. I've tried rejailbreaking too and it doesn't bring it back. Any way to get it back on there? I appreciate your input.
  5. DocRawk

    DocRawk New Member

    No Prob. That's the only work around that I've got. If you end up having to restore (hopefully not), I install cydia and rock after jailbreaking and hide rock with SBSettings. It's also got a great app backup system that comes in handy. I generally open it and create a backup after installing cydia apps. It'll work as an installer too, but I find cydia to be smoother. There are also pay apps that are not available on Rock yet.
  6. TarekElsakka

    TarekElsakka Genius

    Actually, Rock is way better than Cydia but unfortunately you can install neither, as far as I know, except by restoring. Just restore and back up if you really need the data on your phone.
  7. DocRawk

    DocRawk New Member

    In some ways. It is definitely faster and prettier. I've had problems with it failing to find packages due to only looking in one repository even when there were several loaded. It also is unable to handle some pay packages from the Cydia store. I can't, for example, get 3G Unrestrictor or Cyntact on Rock. Until Rock is able to link with Facebook or Amazon to track software licenses the way Cydia does, it will only be mostly sufficient.
  8. KabaModern

    KabaModern Zealot

    Really? Like when Rock failed to push the MobileSubstrate update, charges more for applications, etc. Rock is nothing but flashy menus and marketing. I will drive this point home until the fat lady sings. I'd use it as a backup if something happened to Cydia but I've never had any issues with Cydia.

    wild, if I were you, I'd restore + jailbreak and then use SBSettings to hide the blackra1n application instead of deleting it. It comes in handy in times like this...
  9. Krunk83

    Krunk83 Zealot

    I had to do a restore when this same thing happened to me. Good luck.
  10. cliffeman

    cliffeman Zealot

    Same thing happened to my co worker. He told me Cydia would open and just crash. I know he has Rock installed. The other day he did an update from Rock. (I don't know what app he updated). But Cydia opened and worked.

    I had told him he might have to restore and re-jailbreak.
  11. ihack

    ihack Member

    If you have sb settings. Go to fix user permissions. It fixes it for me everytime. Also when my cydia crashes like that my keyboard setting are goofy. Go to settings> general settings> keyboards> international keyboards. Is it all jumbled and don't make words?
  12. justinxtreme

    justinxtreme New Member

    Try restoring to a custom firmware instead... it worked for me

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