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Discussion in 'Jailbreak Archives' started by iNinja, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. iNinja

    iNinja Zealot

    Im trying to download several cydia files on my new 3GS, and for quite a few im getting an error - size mismatch.

    I have my girlfriends 3GS here and the files download fine on hers, so im guessing the repo isnt down.

    Anyone seen this before and know how to fix it?

  2. iNinja

    iNinja Zealot

    Weirdly, on the files its doing this error on - cydia says on the download page resuming at 7kb.

    On all other files i dont see that. Ive tried restoring, setting up as a new phone, JBing with blackra1n and pwnagetool.

    same files - same errors
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  4. iNinja

    iNinja Zealot

    Seems to be all apps that use erica utilities - Could I have partially downloaded some of the old package? How can I make this go away!? lol
  5. BrownGem

    BrownGem Zealot

    I see another forum post concerning the same issue with Erica utilities so it isn't just you. Your girlfriends phone is downloading these same utilities just fine? Are you both downloading over wifi or 3g?
    Edit: that post was dated for today...just FYI
  6. iNinja

    iNinja Zealot

    Really? Do you have a link to that post, I cant find it.

    Were both running 3.1.2 3GS on the same wifi network etc. Im trying to reset all content and settings to see if that removes the partial downloaded file that seems to be the problem. Does a restore not restore the part of the HD where Erica's utilities are kept? That would explain why a restore isnt removing it?
  7. BrownGem

    BrownGem Zealot

    HERE is the link. Don't know if it will help you. You said you restored as a new phone so I would think that means no traces remain? I'm no genius though lol.
  8. iNinja

    iNinja Zealot

    Thanks for that, makes sense, as my girlfriend already had erica on her phone, i just removed the app and then reistalled, so erica's stuff wasnt removed.

    Im not trying to instal that app though ;) im trying to instal afc2add!

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