Delete all Text Messages from your iPhone at once

Discussion in 'iPhone Jailbreak' started by mrplastik, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. mrplastik

    mrplastik New Member

  2. davis5050

    davis5050 Member

    I don't understand this. You have always been able to delet whole text conversations. I would like to be able to delet one text at a time not the whole convo.
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  4. mrplastik

    mrplastik New Member

    No, no. This is for those of us who end up with tens, hundreds, or thousands of text messages and need to do a mass delete of them all at once. 1000 Text messages = 2000 tap+tap or swipe+tap. This allows you to nuke ALL text messages in a single tap. my colleagues, and myself use this a good 10 or 20 times a day, such is the life of an admin.

  5. PepeRB29

    PepeRB29 New Member

    yah i can delete whole conversations with a click as well, its not that hard. there any advantage to this, make your iphone run any faster or anything??
  6. mrplastik

    mrplastik New Member


    Understand there are those of us who are unavoidably "on-call", in which automated systems alert us of warning or critical events. When these "alert" emails are sent to, as an example: "", the transition from email to SMS makes it appear as if originating via something similar to "1(010)100-170". (these numbers increment).

    The iPhone registers these each as their own unique message, not in a thread as a normal conversation would occur. Ergo, when you have 100 messages from 100 different sources, deleting them is an insanely annoying headache (200 taps or 100 swipes and 100 taps). When racking up 700+ unique messages during major outages, it used to be time to /me beats head against wall. (been there many times.)

    This functionality is not suited for everyone. If you don't understand, don't use it: forewarned is forearmed.


    (forgot to mention, it's now in the installer, under utilities so you may install it natively with just community sources)
  7. goobs22xx

    goobs22xx Member

    Interesting problem that most probably don't have, but good job with the solution.
  8. nairny

    nairny New Member

    yeah good job, is there a chance for an application to do the same with email messages, I find it a pain to remove them one by one
  9. mrplastik

    mrplastik New Member


    You've probably heard this before; if you use imap you can obviously mark all read on a pc using the same imap account. However, a native app doing this wouldn't be too difficult, I'll dig in when I have a few moments and see if there's a QED way to do this for you.
  10. nairny

    nairny New Member

    I use apple mail, so it would be good to be able to delete straight from the iphone, I get a lot of emails a day, looking forward to a solution mrplastik

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