Deleting an attachment photo from the drive on iPhone 6


Jun 21, 2010
Here's the real answer. I have an iPhone 6 and use gmail as well. And yes, when you are attaching a pic to a gmail email, you can scroll down past "Camera Roll," past "Recent Attachments," and there it is, a row of stuff, (photos, pdf.s, etc) under "Drive." A pic is included, so all can see it's called "Drive." Go to the app store and download the free Google Drive app. Open it and shazam, the files magically appear there, ready to be dragged and dropped or deleted. Now wasn't that easy?

The Drive app is another storage option to lose all your stuff in or mistakenly download to and never find. Google's gmail doesn't do a very good job identifying where your photos are going when you download from emails, on a computer, drive means one thing, on your phone, you'd think it means the same thing, but no, it's a Google thing.
I think Europa already provided a 'real' answer back in 2015 ;)