Deleting images on iPad

Discussion in 'iPad' started by fforest, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. fforest

    fforest New Member

    The red delete button only appears in "Photos" tab. Also, once checked/clicked on a photo, the delete button does not work.... Remains inactive? Am I missing something?
  2. imamac

    imamac Member

    I have only been able to delete images I create on the iPad or save to the iPad from email attachments or those I altered in a photo app. They can be deleted by selecting it and then clicking the little trash icon on the top right of the screen.

    I haven't figured out how to delete photos from albums that were synced through iTunes.
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  4. fforest

    fforest New Member

    Thnx. Permissions maybe?

    Not sure which images you are addressing in your second para?
    I wonder it they were synched as "read-only"? Either way it needs a resolution because we will all want to "thin" these albums out locally on the iPad at some point.
    Diolch(Welsh "thanks")
  5. Mickeylittle

    Mickeylittle Zealot

    Hopefully there is or will be a way to delete from the iPad but you can always delete them through iTunes before syncing.
  6. Maley

    Maley New Member

    Same problem

    Red button doesn't work for me -- which is a a problem sine I inadvertently downloaded 18000 pictures.
  7. Mickeylittle

    Mickeylittle Zealot

    With that many the 1 at a time red button would take some time. Just hook up to your PC, open iTunes and delete away.
  8. Maley

    Maley New Member

    Thanks - did use itunes - worked - then wanted to reload some - got all back - ended up with a nonfunctioning ipad - would not itunes restore etc - called Apple - did get a restore. Found out red picture delete button does not work on pictures downloaded from computer - if you touch a picture and save it then it will delete with the red button...........
  9. Bilanna

    Bilanna New Member

    OK when touching a picture there is NO save button....?? I have email photo, Assign to Contact, Use as Wallpaper, Copy that's through albums then if I go to pictures my choices are delete when I select one it give my copy, email....and it does where is the save? It's a pain if you have to always connect to your PC to get them off
  10. tedium

    tedium New Member

    Hmmm. Well in the "all photos" display, the red delete button definitely appears and is dysfunctional -- that is a problem -- work-arounds notwithstanding... Good to know there is an alternative but Maley's solution (including a crash and a call to Apple) doesn't seem appealing?
  11. alaskaguy

    alaskaguy New Member

    Me too !! Same problem. I hope that someone will post a fix if they find one. Maybe a new app to "ManagePhotos" will include a simple delete function of any images on the iPad regardless of how they got there... synked or not.
  12. Pat la bomba

    Pat la bomba New Member

    The button works fine for me. Maybe I have a newer version?
    To delete any images that you have synched from iTunes, simply select the photos tab in iTunes and deselect the event or album.
  13. jhawkmike57

    jhawkmike57 New Member

    A man at the Mac store gave me the solution. You control it in the syncing process.
    First, hook your iPad to your Mac and open iTunes on your Mac. It will try to start syncing but cancel that. Look on the left column of iTunes under devices, and click on the one for your iPad. In the main window to the right then, several tabs will appear along the top. Click on photos.
    It then gives you the option of automatically sending ALL your photos in iPhoto to your iPad. Uncheck that and go for the other option that lets you choose which albums or events you want to limit your iPad to. Then hit sync. It will then delete the photo events that you DIDN'T want on your iPad.
  14. alaskaguy

    alaskaguy New Member

    Deleting Pix on iPad

    Thank you Pat la bomba and jhawkmike57, :eek:k:eek:k

    Too bad these options didn't automatically pop up when the initial sync occurred. I sure hope some smart techie comes up with an app to allow deleting photos directly from iPad.
  15. Alex R

    Alex R New Member

    How to Delete Images on iPad

    You could delete images on iPad which were saved directly on the iPad or which were synced through iTunes. It is explained here.
    How to Delete Images from iPad
  16. alaskaguy

    alaskaguy New Member

    Deleting Pix on iPad

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the tip, however, it doesn't help. The problem is how to remove photos that have been installed on the iPad from the "syncing" process - that is required when initially populating the iPad from a host computer - without "re-syncing".

    At present, I learned from the posts so far that the only way to do this is by hooking back up to the host computer, interrupt the "automatic sync" operation, select only those photos and albums desired, then "sync" again to the iPad.

    Now to me that is rather cumbersome and I would expect that either Apple or some smart techie will develop an app to allow iPad users to delete synced photos directly from the iPad.

    Apparently any other photos saved to the iPad directly from emails or websites become part of a new collection of photos called "saved photos" which can be deleted directly if desired. Since I have not saved any photos that way yet, I do not have a "Saved Photos" file to edit.

    I'll just have to use the "re-sync" procedure to get the photos I want from my computer.

  17. CarlosAmigos

    CarlosAmigos New Member

    Hope Apple upgades the Photo app when they release iPhone OS 4.0! I transferred over 600 photos to my iPad while in Italy last week. Not only is there no way to create a folder, or even do multiple selects, you can't even do a mass deletion. Had to synch with another iMac (wife's) to wipe out all the shots. The iPad is AWESOME for photos on the go, sitting around a bar with family looking through the week's memories was great, but someone needs to do some work to make it more useful. Anyone know of any new apps for managing? I found one called Photo Sort but it can't solve the problem because you still can't select multiple photos to put into an album; only one at a time.
  18. RAA

    RAA New Member

    I tried deleting photos through i tunes. This deleted all photos except one picture, which was obviously not transferred to the iPad from i photo. The trash can icon does not appear, hence, I can't delete this photo this way. The red delete button is useless. How else can I delete the remaining picture?
  19. Sonny Burnett

    Sonny Burnett Member

    Did you transfer it from a sync'd folder?
  20. richard alaska

    richard alaska New Member

    I recently bought the ipad. i am not a techie and struggle with some of the simplest issues. Here is my situation. By the time I sync'd the iphone, the ipad I have lots of duplicate photos and can not figure out how to eliminate the dup's. I dont want to delete groupings just the duplicates. Can anyone help the boy?
  21. pajmc

    pajmc New Member

    I don't claim to be a techie but this worked for me. Create a new (empty) folder on desktop and then sync ipad photos to that. This will delete ALL photos from ipad. Then create a new folder and place photos that you do want on your ipad into this. Then sync with this folder.

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