Denver Comic Con 2012

Took some pretty cool pictures that I wanted to share with everyone. I took my 14 year old daughter and my brother took his 9 year old son. We all had a great time.



More pictures.


Bruce Boxliter

Jasika Nicole from Fringe

James Marsters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Smallville, and Hawaii Five O, my daughter was in love until I told her he was 8 years older than me, lol.

No one wanted Carl's autograph, lol. I wanted to tell him to listen to Rick for once before he gets munched on.

Anyone remember Dukes of Hazard other than this old dude?

KIT's interior.

Random dude, tons of people dressed up.

Another random dude dressed up.

Pam from Tru Blood

Mask made from the jigsaw tattooed dude
I'll be checking in from San Diego Comic Con next month....
Daughter has been going with me every year since she was 2, so 22 years now!
The San Diego one and the new York Comic Cons are the biggest ones. I would love to go to either one, but the Denver one was a lot of fun, we all had a great time. Great costumes. The autograph signing was ridiculous, but aside from that the convention gets a 5 star rating.
Yep, SDCC has changed over the years.
It used to be just sharing a weekend with a few hundred comic book geeks and creators.
Now it's a ginormus Hollywood backed extravaganza, shared with a few hundred thousand....
Double edged sword, you get all the stuff youre inner geek only dreamed of seeing, but also have to contend with the crowds....