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New Member
Aug 16, 2008
iPhone TIPS: RDP client for Windows administrators

Finally! Today an IT&T visitor gave me this tip of WinAdmin. This tool was already for some time around but we did not notice it, caused by the huge numbers of App Store apps. [I wanted it last year too, read THIS older RDP post]. So what is WinAdmin exactly? WinAdmin is a native remote desktop client. With this App Store tool, you can take over desktops of bigg-ass windows servers from your iPhone, as if you were sitting behind those bigg-ass machines. It may be a businesss case for Windows administrators.

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Sep 10, 2007
I have it and it works pretty good. I don't think he has added support for Vista but I'm sure he will soon if he hasn't already. I think that was my only flaw with the program. Other than that it works great. If you want to use VNC you can get a free version on your phone... VNC Lite (I think that's what it is called) Works more or less the same way.