Developing Infinox Blitz Game - developer diary update

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    Hey guys,

    Hope you are doing well. We're from Cobalt Play iPhone and Android games. We mainly publish games on Android, iPhone and Amazon.

    We're currently looking for publishing games from other developers into Amazon store. This would mean we will publish a re-skin version of your game and share the revenue 50/50. This approach is only for Amazon app store at the moment.

    So I am wondering if anyone would be interested in this approach. If you think your game is really a good one then you can comment below.

    Thanks :)
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    Maybe I’m not understanding this correctly.

    You take my game, simply put a “wrapper” (or “re-skin” as you call it) around it, publish it at the Amazon store, and we share the revenue 50/50?

    But if I skip you entirely and publish directly with Amazon, I would get 70% of the revenue versus the 50% you’re offering:

    Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 11.43.11 AM.png

    For what reason would I want to use your service?
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