Dia keypad corrupted


New Member
Oct 29, 2007
I am using 1.0.2 FW iPhone. Looks like my iPhone phone dial key pad s/w got corrupted and when I enter no ("0") in the dial pad, it freezes the phone and I have to press Home + power button to get the phone back to the normal condition.

I have not loaded any key board file as I do not know how to mod the home screen or key board. I think anyone of the app could have screwed my phone dial pad as I was loading many app and checking the features. Now I don't have apps except installer but still it does not work.
Now I add every no which I want to call in my phone caller list, and make a call. And delete the no if it was unwanted after the call. Very hectic process. The keypad in the new contact is working fine. It is the problem with my dial key pad, escpecially 0/+.

When I use IVR calls like customer calls and use the dial pad during call to key in the numbers as per the options, it freezes the phone. What the heck!

I want to upgrade to 1.1.1 FW. But due to this problem, I am afraid to virginse my phone as I need to use dial keypad to activate WiFi to unlock. If this can't be solved, I will never be able to do upgrade.

If there is any dial keypad file (original comes with packed 1.0.2 FW iPhone), kindly advice me. I wish to make my dial pad work first and then will upgrade.

Can anyone please help to resolve this problem? I think I need replace the dial keypad file in my iPhone.