Did anyone use a SocBlue Apple Peel?


New Member
Nov 22, 2013
Yes, I've got one of these. The concept is excellent, but sadly the software is dreadful! When is works, it works quite well, but it often drops the connection, and has poor sound quality. It can't show longer text messages, only the first part, and any messages or missed calls are only shown in the app itself, not on the home screen icon, so you have to constantly open the app! It also doesn't work if the phone has a passcode set, as I've just found out! There are many other issues too.

I've written to the manufacturers and also the distributors to ask for improvements to the software, but they just ignore me. I'm wondering about getting some new software written for it and offering it on Cydia as a paid-for upgrade, so would be interested to know if there would be much demand. If the software would work properly, it would be excellent, especially the version that clips into the back of the iPhone, but I cannot recommend any SocBlue products for iOS with all these problems. :(