Did you have to wait to get your iPhone 5?

Discussion in 'iPhone 5' started by rmfnla, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. rmfnla

    rmfnla Member

    I'm sure you all know that you can go online at 10:00 PM to check the inventory of any store for the following day and buy a new iPhone on the spot if they have any.

    I did this the other day and they had one on my first try. I didn't think anything of it until I went to pick it up and the sales guy asked how many times I had tried. He seemed surprised when I told him just once and even made a point of telling another sales rep.

    Is the 5 still hard to get?

    Those of you who have one, what did you have to go through to get it?
  2. InyigoMontoya

    InyigoMontoya Contributor

    I think they're quoting online orders at 3-4 weeks shipment still and Foxconn is behind on production, so I'd say that they might still be tough to get through regular channels.

    I lucked out and walked in to my local AT&T store in my little, one-horse town and they just happened to have one in stock. It was a 16GB instead of a 32GB, which is what i wanted, but I scooped it up anyway.
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  4. Disneymom2003

    Disneymom2003 Member

    We got ours last week. My husband got his at Apple but they only had one. I checked on line at Best Buy and was able to find one at the Best Buy in a neighboring town, so yes I think they are still in limited supply
  5. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    I got a Verizon iPhone 5 on launch day, but I returned it after I decided to stick with AT&T. I ordered one at an AT&T store three days after launch and got it eleven days later.

    They are starting to catch up with demand now and the wait isn't as long. I have a friend who ordered a 16 GB (highest demand model) on Thursday and it shipped the following day.
  6. Stephenw

    Stephenw Member

    3 weeks, black 32 gb through AT&T. It arrived a week ago.
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  7. IllusionEntity

    IllusionEntity Evangelist

    I was lucky enough to get in with a pre-order mega early. Received on launch day.
  8. Prozium12

    Prozium12 Member

    I've just got a text message saying my replacement ip5 will b delivered tomorrow,I've been waiting a month and I hope this one is mark free..

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  9. talon90

    talon90 Member

    I placed my order with Apple online a week after launch and waited 4 weeks to the day for it to be delivered.
  10. Prozium12

    Prozium12 Member

    Just got my replacement ip5,its a new batch it came with iOS 601 its my 5th one black 32 gb as all others were scratched! Anyway this one is all good no marks just a bit of chrome on the screw heads can live with that, buzzing I can start using this beautiful piece of kit...
  11. acosmichippo

    acosmichippo Genius

    My girlfriend ordered one from ATT at the beginning of last week, and got it in less than a week.

    So if apple still says 2-4 weeks or whatever, try your carrier.
  12. copycarry

    copycarry New Member

    3 weeks later, black 32 GB wait for 4 weeks
  13. radtechy

    radtechy Contributor

    Some chick got one last night no problem from a RadioShack

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  14. pencilandoil

    pencilandoil New Member

    My husband and I got ours on release day. The line at the Apple store wasn't so bad. He was done and gone in about an hour. He went in the afternoon, around 2PM.
  15. glsda

    glsda Zealot

    About a week after launch date I did the 10 pm routine on line and got one at an Apple Store not far from me.
  16. radtechy

    radtechy Contributor

    I preordered the first day from Verizon and it came 3 days after official release

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  17. Prozium12

    Prozium12 Member

    I got mine on release day but it was scratched had five replacements all marked, got a perfect one Thursday after a months wait, as I've already said its from a new batch as it came with the new 601 iOS buzzing with it.

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  18. radtechy

    radtechy Contributor

    How did you go through a 1/2 dozen phones when some people can't even get 1

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  19. iksn

    iksn Member

    I ordered mine on Launch Day and received it 3 weeks later.
  20. furndaddy

    furndaddy Contributor

    I waited in line for about 4 hrs on launch day and had mine at 8:05 a.m.

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