Disappointed in what's rumored to be next gen Apple TV


Jun 10, 2006
Long Island, NY
I was seriously excited about Apple revolutionizing TV. Hearing that Steve Jobs had cracked the code was all I needed to know. I figured the cable companies and programming were going to be problematic, but Apple did it before with the music industry. Apple is a completely different, bigger and much more successful company now. So the cable companies would eventually fall in line, right? It doesn't appear that way, at least according to what the WSJ reported today. It's depressing to hear what was the original Apple vision – an Internet based DVR-like offering. Apple and content providers working together.

Not so fast. Looks like the next generation Apple TV might be more of a conventual box. On-demand, 5 shows at most, limited fast forwarding. What's the difference between their respective iPad apps and this -- the fact that it becomes a channel.

Maybe there is more, but I'm growing less enthused with every new report.

Licensing content is no easy task. Google too has had their difficulties landing programming for Fiber.
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