Discrepancy between time shown in e-mail list view vs single e-mail view

Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by Rafagon, Mar 16, 2015.

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    Last night at approximately 10:30PM, Keith told me he was sending me a contact card with Zynga's customer support e-mail address. It never showed up, so I just figured he'd forgotten.

    This afternoon, at approximately 12:30PM, I checked my inbox and I saw the e-mail from him, in the e-mail list. It said 8:51AM, so I reckoned he'd sent it this morning.

    Upon opening the e-mail, I noticed something peculiar. The e-mail is timestamped with yesterday's date, at 9:31PM… the time that Keith had told me he'd sent the e-mail (Keith is in Central Time [UTC-06:00], while I'm in Eastern Time [UTC-05:00]).

    list view vs single msg view.jpg

    I have my iCloud inbox set to Push. But even if it were set to Fetch every 60 minutes, that wouldn't explain the 10+ hour delay, and the fact that I'm seeing a timestamp showing the time Keith sent it in individual e-mail view, but a timestamp showing a delay of more than 10 hours in list view.

    Here are my e-mail settings. Push, as you can see.

    my iCloud inbox is PUSHed.png again, push.PNG

    Any thoughts?
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    My iCloud email is set the same. When I emailed my iCloud account from my Wife's iPhone, it came through immediately.

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