Disney Google and iPhone...

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New Member
Nov 22, 2006
Disney Google and iPhone...
Combination looks confusing enough though Apple doesn't think that way I suppose .
Recently read through an article about the combination which may come out as these three world class brands combine
to provide you the ultimate experience you can have once you get an iPhone
It may be another rumor but its really nice one
(Just have a look at the link if you don't believe :):
Disney, Pixar and Google ‘06 buyouts will boost iPhone sales - MYiPhone)

I feel something big is coming out soon.


New Member
Dec 12, 2006
Alliances between big names has been a big thing lately with the hopes that by affiliating themselves with another big name they will help increase exposure and boost sales.

However I doubt Apple and the iPhone will really need this kind of help in building the popularity of the iPhone. They can do it easily on their own!