Do I need to unlock?

Oct 21, 2007
I have a 4GB iPhone that I have had for one month.
I did the dummy Social so I could get prepaid. I got the lowest plan.
Now I am considering taking my Normal account to the iPhone.

I have At&t on a regular individual plan on a nokia phone & I use the prepaid iPhone as a toy. I just got out of my contract and would rather pay 60 dollars for the sim free than go into another contract.

I tried swapping out the sim cards thinking since it was AT&T I did not need to unlock it. but it gave me an error message asking me to reactivate. Its already activated as prepaid so when i put the original card back in it worked without asking me to reactivate it.

is there anyway around re activating it. and just use my AT&T sim without reactivating and going into a contract. it seems like everybody that unlocks wants to go to t mobile

Also If i buy sim free and use my AT&T sim card do I keep my visual voicemail.

& where can I download ibrickr for my PC I don't have a mac.