do the websites youve been on show up on your bill?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Medeiros2227, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. Medeiros2227

    Medeiros2227 New Member

    my parents pay for mine and look at my bill and dont tell me anyhting , i shouldnt be on myspace but i go on myhpone wil they kow ? do they know?
  2. uPhone559

    uPhone559 New Member

    yes all the pr0n you look up shows up on the iPhone, go panic. I suggest you tell your mom ahead of time a friend used your phone!!!!

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  4. The Apple

    The Apple Zealot

    Oh no, you are so busted!!!!!!! They are gonna take your phone from you!!!! You are in so much trouble if they see this thread!!!! They won't see anything on the bill though. It only shows how much data was sent/received, not WHAT data. Quit the myspace ya myspace junkie!!!! In two weeks are we gonna see you on the myspace addition of intervention??
  5. Mactech

    Mactech New Member

    Not so busted (yet)

    Nope, the bill only reflects how much use. Albeit, I would not use Edge for any surfing that may catch at&t's attention. I would use wi-fi for that instead depending on the ISP. Just don't forget to clear the cache.
  6. seb481

    seb481 New Member

  7. lilnef

    lilnef New Member

    the question truly is do u want to lie to them
  8. sdge

    sdge New Member

    The sites do not show up on your bill.
  9. stuart9682

    stuart9682 New Member

    Classic.. absolutely classic.
  10. kdarling

    kdarling New Member

    The bill does show the times of day, though.

    So if you claimed you were studying / asleep, but were up downloading tons of videos, yeah they know about it.
  11. kdarling

    kdarling New Member

    Right. ATT doesn't know about WiFi.

    (Unless you're on an ATT hotspot plan, and using one of their spots, of course.)
  12. tharmsen

    tharmsen New Member

    OMG, I was surfing some porn sites and my mom viewed my phone bill... I JUST LOST MY iPHONE! Man, only do WiFi!!!!111!!

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